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UTS:INSEARCH is home to students from over 75 countries. Insearch offers globally acclaimed courses that are pathways to UTS degrees.

  • Situated in the heart of Australia’s global city- Sydney
  • Extensive links to industry & career-relevant education
  • Diploma programs equivalent to the 1st year of a UG program
  • Offers one of Australia’s most advanced English curriculums

As told by the student

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Amy Vietnam

Why did I choose this university?

"‘I got to know about UTS through an education conference in Vietnam. I had a real passion in pursuing a career in the health industry and UTS is well known for its excellent nursing course. Hence it did not take long for me to decide on UTS; that was when INSEARCH came into the picture as a pathway provider to UTS.

I spent one year studying Foundation in Health Science here at INSEARCH before I moved on to my bachelor’s degree at UTS. Being so far away from home for the first time and having
English as my fourth language, it was quite challenging for me. Back in Vietnam I was used to a “spoon-feeding” teaching style. It took me a few months to get used to the self-management learning style but the new staff and friends helped me a lot along the way.

INSEARCH has prepared me well with all the skills that are essential for university including my academic literacy & public speaking skills as well as how to spend time on assignments efficiently. I graduated from INSEARCH with confidence and adapted to university life with little hassle.’"

My first week

‘I started my studies on my second day upon arriving. Everything was a little overwhelming and language was the main barrier. I could not fully understand my peers and the teaching. Speaking and use of slang were the main challenges for me. My teacher acknowledged it as a common issue for international students, so he advised me to join some social groups and activities available on campus, and to make new friends as they would be a huge learning resource and I might end up finding others who shares the same difficulty. I took the advice and joined the UTS: INSEARCH Activities Club where I eventually became an active member. It was a big learning pool for practicing my spoken English and the language barrier was broken down bit by bit as I learned.’

My campus

‘INSEARCH has several buildings including CPSU, the Prince Center and the Blue Building which are all close to each other. My favourite one has to be the Blue Building. It is located on Thomas Street with the light sky blue paint from which its name was given. I spent most of my lectures and tutorials in here. There are nice lounge areas on each floor that are great for a break from studying. The Activities Club also held their events in these areas such as Indoor Soccer, Pizza Party, Friday Jam Session, Board Game Night and many more.’

My city

"‘I lived in Town Hall which is right in the centre of the Central Business District, amongst many heritage-listed buildings, which include the Queen Victoria Building, St.Andrew’s Cathedral and the Gresham Hotel. I love my area because it is always vibrant and energetic. This is also a favourite destination for foodies, home to numerous world known franchises and local landmark restaurants. Giant shopping centres such as Westfield, Myer and David Jones are also a few minutes’ walk away from the Town Hall station.’"

My study space

‘I spent around 20 hours a week in lectures, tutorials and laboratories. My independent learning would happen either at home or in the UTS library which I also call my second home. The library is accessible for UTS INSEARCH students and is a massive source of information, both books or online. There are also friendly staff to help with finding materials or to give some advice on your assignments. The environment is very calm and quiet, which helps me a lot to concentrate.’

My social life

"‘Apart from studying I am very keen on participating in campus and local events. I am a City of Sydney International Students Leadership and Ambassador (ISLA) where, together with 34 ambassadors from various institutions and culture backgrounds, we work with the City of Sydney to develop projects and events that meet the needs of international students. I am also
a member of the UTS Malaysian and Singapore Student Association (MASSA) and the UTS VDS (Vietnamese Dynamic Students). These experiences are part of my Sydney life. I have made many friends from dynamic backgrounds who have helped me to develop my inter-personal and communication skills, some of them have become my soul mate.’"

My home

"‘I am currently living in an apartment in Town Hall where the Queen Victoria Building is across the road, as well as a fitness centre, supermarkets and shopping centre. I enjoy living in this area so much because I do not have to travel an awful lot to get to my daily essentials.

It is also a 15 min walk or 5 min bus away from the university which couldn’t be more perfect for me. The apartment is well equipped with a modern kitchen. I often invite friends to come over at the weekend to cook and share our respective cuisines. Many street performances take place in front of the areas where I live including comedians, magicians, painters, opera singers and dancers.’"

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