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Study to Become a Database Administrator

You are known to note details and if you are very organized about the work you do and know how to systematically go about things

Antony Chacko
database administrator

An entry level database administrator can earn between 30,000 to 40,000 USD a year, but as they climb up the career ladder, their annual income would increase substantially.

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You are known to note details and if you are very organized about the work you do and know how to systematically go about things, Database Administrator might be the professional who is waiting inside you for the right opportunity. A database administrator finds ways to store, organize and manage the numerous data that are available in this e-world. They cater the data according to the needs of the users and also figure out ways to keep the data secure. They are excellent in integrating data.

Work Environment

The services of Database administrators are required in offices and labs. It is a nine to five job and also has the flexibility of working from home in certain offices. Their work requires them to be computer friendly and fast in typing. They should also be very attentive as they will have to pay attention to detail. They should be able to communicate the right requirements to the programmers based on the field they are in.

What to Study

There are certified courses offered by Microsoft and Oracle which one can study after a degree in computer science or information technology.  Database administrator should be skilled.  Database administrators should also keep themselves updated with the latest technology.

Career Options

Internet and e-commerce is expanding rapidly and these fields require large number of data base administrators. Cyber security has become an important field as it is important to secure the data available online. This gives more career options to database administrators. It is they who will find ways to secure and protect electronic information. It will help if they are technically skilled. The IT field also looks for database administrator to keep their information in an organized manner.

The maximum opportunities arise from computer systems design and related services industry. Internet Service Providers, search portals and data processing industries also gives opportunities to database administrators.

Entry Level

Database administrators need to work as assistants to get an entry level. They can assist managers and get a hang of how the industry works. Invariably they can join as SQL database administrators and then go up the ladder as they gain experience. An entry level database administrator can earn from $30,000 to $40,000. It is important for the entry level administrator to gain knowledge about the related field and the latest technology in order to have an edge over the others.

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