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Preparing for a University Admission Interview Abroad

Exclusive Article to help you get through the University admission interview to study abroad.

Megan Tyler

You should read a lot on the subject you are planning to study and the current trends and the latest news. Being polite, knowledgeable and presentable will certainly help you clear the interview.

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So you there is this university abroad that have grabbed your heart and you need to get in very badly. Apart from all the qualifications and stuff, the interview determines more than half your chances of getting in. The way you present yourself and how you impress the interview board would determine your future. So how do you prepare yourself and make sure that you have a really big chance of making it through? How do you know for sure that the interview would not cut you out and it would give you the best chance of getting in? How would you know for sure if your presentation is going to impress your interviewers or it is going to depress them?
What you need is a plan, it is true that you should use your honest initiatives and play smart in the situations but it is always better to have a slight idea of what you want to say and what they might want to hear before you step in that room. So being prepared would have no harm at all.  

How to prepare?

So first we’ll start with a couple of common questions that a lot of people have and try to figure out the answers. First question and the most general question that a lot of people ask is how to prepare? So how do you prepare for the interview? First you need to do a very thorough study on the prospectus and you need to focus on the course that you are planning to study. Once you have completed getting a very good idea, it would save you loads of simple questions that may come up during the interview. Remember, the main thing about interviews is that you need to know what you want and you need to show it!
Go through your personal statement over and over again and try to perfect it. They are going to be very keen about details and make sure you are ready for all questions like, why do you want to study here and why have you chosen this particular subject. It is all psychology at play here. You need to prove your confidence and show them that you would truly be benefitted by whatever the educations that the university would provide for you. A couple of mock interviews would not harm you and it would certainly enable you to be more comfortable on the interview day. 

Update yourself with current affairs

You could also read a lot on the subject and be familiar with the current trends and latest news because they would check if you are really up to date with the subject matters and there is no reason why you should be not updated if you are truly interested in the subject. 

Get enough sleep

Makes sure that you get enough sleep the day before because a tired mind would not be fresh and it would create a lot of problems if you are going to fall asleep during the interview. 
Many of you may have wondered what exactly is meant by informal interviews, they are in fact a bit confusing for some because the sense behind the words actually does not fit the sense behind. These are more or less opportunities that the universities give you to find more about the university and departments and prepare you for the interview with a really good idea. These should not be taken as seriously as the formal ones but make it a good experience and chance to learn more and more about what kind of interview you would be stepping into.
So prepare well and you would not fail! All the Best!!
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