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Common challenges students face when deciding to study abroad

Article discusses about the common challenges faced by Indian students when they make a decision to study abroad. And tips to overcome the challenges.

Students who intend to study abroad will face a lot of challenges and obstacles. One of the main challenges to be faced is the language skills, says our expert Gigeo. He says that most of them come from a school which teaches in their native language, hence their language skills does not match the requirement, which is one major disadvantage for Indian students who wish to study abroad.
The second obstacle to be overcome is getting the visa. Gigeo, says that for non-chaotic processing of visa, the visa officers would require to show liquid assets like, savings, fixed deposits or easy modes of getting bank loans, but when it comes to Indian parents they usually go with properties for investments which makes it difficult for processing. The third criteria is, that most students are brought up in a way that they are dependent on their parents. But to survive overseas, students need to take initiatives and be independent. Even small issues like not finding Indian food could hinder them from going abroad. Apart from petty issues like variance in climatic conditions or unable to find vegetarian food, Indian students have the whole world open to them with a lot of courses and excellent universities.
So as long as the student is prepared and has made a decision and has chosen his/ her destination which could vary anytime between 6 months to 2 years to reach, they will not have any issues and will have the ability to overcome any obstacle with success. 
Proper documentation plays a vital role is anything you do, especially when you are planning to leave your country to study abroad. The next video gives you the list of documents that you’d require to carry for your visa processing.


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