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Throughout your study in university, you’ll encounter some guest lecturers who will share their knowledge and expertise in class, an opportunity that you should not take lightly. Here are some things you should do in preparation for your lecture…


Do you research

Be sure to conduct a thorough research on the guest lecturer, the organisation he works for, his field and expertise and the topic that he will be discussing. Doing this background research will enable you to understand the lecture better and will facilitate a more engaging discussion.


Save slides

If the guest lecturer uses presentation slides, ask if you could have a soft or hard copy. This will be additional notes to what you’re already learning and they may come in handy when you write assignments.


Write down your questions

Do not pass up on asking a question. Whether you choose to ask in class or speak to him personally after the lecture, it is important that you clear your doubts about the industry you hope to go into or even ask for his opinion on the subject you are studying. This way, not only will you be able to expand your knowledge, but you also get to learn from someone outside of the university. This will also create a positive impression on the guest lecturer, who may be able to help you with job opportunities in the future.


Apply critical thinking

Having a guest lecturer opens your lectures to a whole field of debate issues. During the lectures, you are expected to contribute and take part in discussions rather than just sit and listen. This is the time for you to apply your critical thinking skills and compare views on what you have studied. Treat this as sharing session. Learning does not always have to involve grades and CGPAs.


Ask for contact

Get the guest’s phone number and email, and if possible, keep in touch. You need to network and get to know people as many other students will be graduating and competition to gain good jobs is high. 



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