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5 things you learn as a Fashion Design major

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As a Fashion Design student, there are some things that you’ll learn. Here are some of them…


Sewing techniques

In 3D classes, students normally cover various sewing demos for skirts and bodices. When each garment is finished, no seams should have any raw edges. You’ll learn the various elements that differentiate high quality garments from fast fashion items. The time put into constructing the garment as well as the quality of the fabric determines the calibre and the cost of the garment.



You’ll learn to become more confident as you progressively present your ideas at fashion school. From minor mistakes and accomplished creations, you’ll realise that everyone else is just as unsure of their work and that it’s OK to be a little nervous sometimes.


Turning an obsession into an inspiration

Fashion collections take a long time and sometimes, students end up doing three projects in one semester. Therefore, it’s important that you choose inspirations that will continue to keep you interested and motivated. The best inspirations are the ones you are obsessed with since you already have a lot of knowledge about them. The more facts and visuals you have, the more time you’ll be willing to spend time thinking about it, resulting in a stronger collection.


Clothing construction

Clothing doesn’t magically fit the body and the silhouette is entirely dependent on the fabric and construction method. For more body-conscious garments like the pencil skirt or flare skirt, darts are required while gathers are necessary for looser garments. Hence, you’ll learn to incorporate closures whether it’s a simple zipper or use of magnets and laces.



Fashion design students learn that when creating a collection, it needs to be cohesive and varied. For instance, you should tie the collection together with certain elements and colours while changing up the lengths of the garments. These variations will not only make the collection more interesting but will also increase the possibility of buyers purchasing more than one piece.


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