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    Study in South Korea

All about study in South Korea: The basics

So you’re interested in studying in South Korea? On this page you can find the articles we consider to be must-read about studying abroad here. But don't stop there! We suggest you also click ahead to each of the next steps to read further helpful articles; this way you'll be fully-prepared for every stage of your study abroad journey in South Korea.
Why study in South Korea? 616

Why study in South Korea?

1. South Korea wants international students The South Korean government is making it easier for international students to go abroad and succeed at Korean universities. In 2015, the South Korean Government established a plan to bring 200,000 international students to the country by 2023, and have recently hit an all time high of just over 105,000 international students. They offer incentive like the ability for foreign students to work part-time in South Korea,

3 Fields to study in South Korea 677

3 Fields to study in South Korea

South Korea’s vibrant culture and beautiful cities make this country a wonderful place to work and live. As Korea continues to grow globally and offer more and more opportunities for international students, now is a great time to start thinking about career opportunities. Here we’ve come up with just a few reasons why Engineering, the Natural Sciences and the Humanities are great career paths in South Korea!   Engineering South Korea has made huge