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Nepali movie ‘Loot’ takes over UK!


Have you missed watching Nepali movies in "cinema halls" ? Do you miss the occasional whistling and the cheers when the 'hero' enters the scene and fights the bad guys?

Well, for those living in the UK, there is great news for you all! The soaring popularity faced by the Nepali movie “Loot” is being screened in different places in the UK. The first two screenings has already taken place in Aldershot on the 10th of March 2012 and in London (Clapham Junction) on the 16th of March 2012.


The venues were sold out and for those living and studying in Edinburgh, York and Ashford “The Loot fever” is on your way and shows the sign of being sold out there too. This is probably the biggest that any event company has done in terms of screening a Nepali movie in the UK in this scale. The event company behind all this is none other than The Signature crew who in the past has organised various events in the UK.


The movie has not only gained popularity in Nepal but it has been a “super hit” in Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Australia and US. I have to say that the story is not that different compared to any other general movie stories. It is about 5 guys living in Kathmandu who wants to make quick money by “looting” a bank for a better life. The movie somehow portrays the real life of young individuals now living in Kathmandu who have no job prospects and no proper way of income due to the lack of opportunities. It shows the reality of survival, friendship and betrayal.



However, having watched this movie, I found it very different from the typical Nepali movies which were somehow similar to the Bollywood layout as in songs and dances and the typical story lines with funny fight scenes, unusual dialogues that would make you cringe and embarrassing dance moves.


Loot was entirely different as it included action with humour, funny dialogues and overall the quality of the movie was great compared to the old Nepali movies. Even the dubbing and the sounds perfectly matched the movement of the lips of the actors (lol). Although there were some rude words and dialogues, the movie gave out the feeling that the conversations and the dialogues were somehow natural as in it was exactly how you and I would be talking as friends.


As I attended the screening in Clapham Junction, I could see a long queue for the screening. Everyone seemed to enjoy it apart from the seating arrangements, the crowded venue with uncomfortable chairs and the delay in screening. Overall it was a great experience and took me back to my days in Gopi Krishna and Jai Nepal. Such events not only bring us Nepalese in UK together but it encourages social interaction among Nepalese students living in the UK and regenerates the memory from back home.


Further screenings in Ashford, York and Edinburgh are in 01/04/2012, 29/04/2012 and 30/04/12 respectively. For further information on the venue and ticket prices please visit the event pages of The Signature Crew.



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