Master of Arts (M.A.) in Gender Studies The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Programme Objectives

The M.A. Programme in Gender Studies is designed to provide a broad base of understanding on gender studies, to introduce basic theoretical and methodological tools in gender studies, and to analyze cutting-edge issues related to gender issues in the contemporary world.

Programme Description

  • Through rigorous training in related theories and methodology, students are led to see how a seemingly private and intimate dimension of human existence, namely, sex and gender, actually impacts on and, at the same time, is being constructed by wider social, cultural, economic and political forces in various spheres and levels of a person's life. Critical reviews of the perpetuation of gender inequality in public policies, propped up by existing values and perceptions in society are also encouraged.
  • The Programme equips interested people with essential analytical tools for understanding sex, gender, gender issues and their impacts on human behaviour, social development and public policy.
  • Students are able to make use of analytical tools and multiple perspectives to understand gender issues and to become aware of gender inequality around them. The rigorous training in critical thinking is helpful, not only in raising students' gender awareness, but also in understanding the myriad complexities of social life.

Programme Features

  • The Programme is the only one programme available in Hong Kong focusing on gender;
  • The Programme is distinguished from other humanities and social science programmes by its interdisciplinary nature of course offering. The programme draws on the theories and methodologies of diverse disciplines, including psychology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, history, philosophy, linguistics, media studies and education;
  • The Programme focuses on the gender dimension in the social, cultural and political arenas;
  • Incorporating theories developed in other countries into localized contexts has also added to the uniqueness of the Programme. The Programme roots in contemporary Hong Kong and Chinese societies while conversant with theoretical advances worldwide; attitudes, and which foster their critical thinking and ability to examine issues from multiple perspectives.
  • The small class size and interactive, rigorous and nurturing classroom environment provide students with adequate and inspiring discussions which stimulate their interest and mould their attitudes, and which foster their critical thinking and ability to examine issues from multiple perspectives;
  • Diversified learning activities like field trips to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and organic farms, invitation of guest speakers from frontline NGOs, social activist or minority groups (e.g. lesbian and sex workers' groups) to share with students, and usage of multi-media materials are arranged to enrich students' exposure, enlighten them on a variety of perspectives and enhance their awareness of the unique experience and background of different individuals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students' horizons are broadened considerably and their gender awareness are deepened;
  • Students are inspired and encouraged to develop useful skills in learning and thinking as well as critical perspectives, while seeking the betterment of the society as they became concerned with injustice and discrimination in the world;
  • Students are led to reach beyond personal concerns to analyze the world passionately but objectively.

Course options

Here are the different ways in which you can study Master of Arts (M.A.) in Gender Studies.

Full Time (1 year)

Tuition fees

HK$128,000.00 (12,23,334) per year


02 Sep, 06 Jan


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Sha Tin, Hong Kong, New Territories

Entry requirement for international students

Applicants must satisfy one of the following:

  • graduated from a recognized university and obtained a Bachelor's degree, normally with honors not lower than Second Class; or
  • graduated from an honors programme of a recognized university with a Bachelor's degree, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than "B" ; or
  • completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honors degree.

To fulfill the University’s minimum English language requirements for admission to postgraduate programmes, applicants should have:

obtained a degree from a university in Hong Kong or taken a degree programme of which the medium of instruction was English; or

achieved scores in the following English Language tests2 as indicated:

  • TOEFL: 550 (Paper-based)/79 (Internet-based);
  • IELTS (Academic): 6.5;
  • GMAT (Verbal): Band 21; or

obtained a pass grade in other English language requirements equivalent to HKDSE or

obtained a recognized professional qualification, provided that the examination was conducted in English.

* Please check with your chosen school for the exact entry requirements for your programme.