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Mathematics plays a hugely important role in the modern world, from predicting your shopping habits to enabling technological and scientific innovation.The MMath offers a fantastic alternative to the traditional BSc to MSc pathway, offering you the opportunity to take your learning further and explore topics in greater detail to masters-level study.Our Mathematics programmes combine the in-house expertise of our internationally-renowned mathematicians and statisticians to ensure you are fully prepared for your future career.You will be encouraged to fulfil your potential whilst studying in our friendly and dynamic school based in the multi-award-winning Sibson Building.**Your studies**To help bridge the gap between school and university, you’ll attend small group tutorials in Stage 1, where you can practice the new mathematics you’ll be learning, ask questions and work with other students to find solutions. You’ll study a mixture of pure and applied mathematics, and statistics, providing you with a solid foundation for your later studies.In Stage 2, you study some core modules which build upon the material learnt at Stage 1. You also start to tailor your degree to your interests through our range of optional modules, continuing to explore the areas you enjoy into Stage 3. In Stage 3 you return from your placement and continue to explore the areas you enjoy through our optional modules.A year of Master's-level study in Stage 4 gives you the opportunity to explore more advanced topics, which draw on the highly rated research expertise of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science.**Accreditation**This degree meets the educational requirements of the Chartered Mathematician designation, awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).**Other mathematics degrees at Kent**We have a range of alternative three and four-year degrees without the year of masters-level study, including: BSc Mathematics (UCAS: G100); BSc Mathematics with a Year in Industry (UCAS: G104); BSc Mathematics and Statistics (UCAS: GG13); BSc Mathematics and Statistics with a Year in Industry (UCAS: GG1K); BSc Financial Mathematics (UCAS: GN13); BSc Financial Mathematics with a Year in Industry (UCAS: NG31); BSc Actuarial Science (UCAS: N323); BSc Actuarial Science with a Year in Industry (UCAS: N324); and BA Mathematics and Accounting and Finance (UCAS: GN14).**Foundation Year**If your grades do not qualify you for direct entry to this programme, you may be able to take a four-year Mathematics with a Foundation Year degree (UCAS: G108). The Foundation Year provides an opportunity for you to develop your mathematics skills and start learning some university-level material, fully preparing you for university study before you progress onto your chosen mathematics programme.**Superb student experience**The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) at Kent has a thriving student culture, with students from all degree programmes and all degree stages participating in student activities and taking on active roles in the School. As a SMSAS student you benefit from free membership of the Kent Maths Society and Invicta Actuarial Society. You can become a Student Rep and share the views of your fellow students to bring about changes. You could be employed as a Student Ambassador, earning money while you study by inspiring the next generation of mathematicians. Or join one of the society committees and organise socials and events for SMSAS students.You will be encouraged to make the most of your time at university and will have access to support and guidance throughout your studies.

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