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a lockdown on global education
Kavitha Vijeyavelan

Hello there. Kavitha Vijeyavelan, is the lead content editor handling all editorial processes for Hotcourses India- an IDP company. Having started out an (other) engineer turned writer, she has a never ending hunger for chocolates ( & counting calories ironically), quotes, & stories worth sharing with the world. Her favorite quote at the moment: "why squeeze into glass slippers when you can shatter the glass ceiling?"


16 Apr 2020 245 Book icon 3 mins Share

COVID 19- A Lock Down on Global Education?

How COVID 19 has impacted the global education sector- hear from students and counsellors…

16 Apr 2020 245 Book icon 3 mins Share
a lockdown on global education

Had plans to study abroad this year and the world pulled ‘the corona’ on you?   

You are definitely not alone in your struggles. We want to share a few student stories with you.  

Read till the end and we promise to show you the light at the end of the corona tunnel. 

How this story begins… 

It was just like any other academic year with students busily applying for their next university intake abroad and waiting to begin their international student life in September. And bam.  We found ourselves right in the middle of a huge pandemic. How are students coping? Many are preparing to take up their courses online- all the while wondering, “How is taking up the course online the same as going abroad and living the full experience?”  

The overseas education sector is heavily impacted given international travel restrictions in place by various countries. 

Let’s have a look at this from a student perspective. 

Student Story No.1: Meet Triptha Luthra 

Triptha Luthra, a 21 year old who was all set to begin her student life at Deakin University in the land down under, now is nervously questioning her study future. She opens up about how the current lock down has her shattered, “"I had plans to study Masters in Architecture at Deakin University in Australia. I was supposed to go there soon and was waiting for my exams for undergraduate degree to be over. I wanted to go before classes begin to look for internships as well as get accustomed to the place and surroundings. But now it feels like time has frozen. I had not applied for further studies in any college in India and the option of taking up a job or internship also looks a distant dream here with the economic slowdown on the doorstep once the lockdown is lifted."  

Student Story No.2: Say Hello to Anoushka Ray 

Anoushka who had planned to go to New York for the September intake to study Liberal Arts reveals that she feels demotivated but that she isn’t about to give up on her dreams.  

Anoushka tells us, "Planning to study abroad is a long process, I have invested way too much both financially as well as mentally in the process so altering an entire life plan because of the situation at the moment, does not seem to be wise decision. I will go for next session but I will go. I am reaching out to my university in New York to see if my admission can be considered for next fall." 

Nice to hear, Anoushka- these are but temporary setbacks in fact.   

Student Story No.3: And Here’s Tara Osan 

Tara Osan who had been looking to study advertising and had received acceptance letters from multiple institutions from Canada and Italy, has now started to believe that it is time to look for options to study in India now. 

"Two months back, I was elated to be counting the number of options I had but now it is a very demotivating phase. Our class 12 exams are also suspended and will be evaluated on basis of internal assessments. So it’s a feeling that lot needs to be done to get future plans in order but everything is on hold. 

Studying abroad does not look like a possible thing this year so I will now look for a plan B and start applying for colleges here," she said defeated. 

These three student stories are just a few among many more that have taken a twist as the pandemic rages on globally- causing suspension of visa processes, classes, and more. We understand how this has affected the study abroad dreams of thousands of students. 

What Study Abroad Counsellors are Saying… 

Study abroad counsellors across the education sector address the situation as a grim one that might have long term after effects. 

Anupam Singha, the owner of such a consultancy in Delhi, says, “There are many students who have already got admission but are now reconsidering because the classes have moved online and there is no clarity by when situation will improve. So for students who actually want to live abroad, paying a heft fee just to attended classes online does not seem to be a lucrative option."  

A Recent Update on Chevening Fellowships  

Chevening, an internationally well reputed awards programme owned by the UK government, which has helped more than 50,000 professionals to study in the UK since the year 1983- has been working hard to ensure study plans don’t take a major hit. 

The Chevening Secretariat posted online recently stating, “At this current time, we are liaising closely with local British embassies and High Commissions, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and host institutions to make arrangements for Chevening Fellowships due to commence soon. 

For applications in process, we are aware that many countries are currently in various stages of lockdown or have in place other restrictions due to coronavirus. We are working to reduce disruption to interviews as much as possible. This may mean your interview will be conducted online or by telephone. We will make every effort to ensure your interview can still take place,"  

The light at the end of the tunnel… 

As countries go into lock down and are taking various initiatives to arrest community spread of the virus, we want to tell you- yes- these are some very uncertain, unprecedented trying times but we are in this together. We will help you come out of this stronger and better. 

We, at IDP, are here for you.  Reach out to us- we will be the bridge to the university you are looking to get into. We will continue to keep making students study abroad dreams come true- pandemic or not. 

Let us know how we can help you during this crisis- talk to our experts if you have questions.   

We are available to answer any questions you may have at this time- write to us at or call us at 1800 103 2581. 

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