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  • Mumblings in the British Parliament - International Students Breathe Easy
Mahesh Ramani
14 Jan 2015 54 1 min Share

Mumblings in the British Parliament - International Students Breathe Easy

International students looking to study in the UK and those who are currently doing so can stay back in the UK after their studies provided they get a job

14 Jan 2015 54 1 min Share
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The New Year started with an uneasy calm as Home Secretary - Theresa May wanted an assurance from the Conservative government that an Act should be passed, which would force non-EU students to leave the UK on completing their programmes and re-apply for a new visa to return to the UK. The statement drew mixed criticism from the media, leading academics and the industry. 

Inventor and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson was vociferous in his protest against Mrs. May’s statement. 

To quote, Sir James - "Give them our knowledge, allow them to develop their own, and permit them to apply it here on our shores. Their ideas and inventiveness will create technology to export around the world. May's immigration plans simply force the nimble minds we nurture to return home and fuel competition from overseas.”

No official statement has been released yet by the British Parliament or the spokespersons of the government; but if sources are to be believed Ms. May’s statements have been dismissed by senior statesmen. If such an act is enforced it would have a negative impact on the nation’s economy. 

Every year the UK sees a massive number of non-EU students enrolling on various programmes in leading universities in the UK. A ‘blanket ban’ causing them to leave the UK, as soon as their programme ended, would discourage international student admissions. 
International students can breathe easy and continue with their studies in the UK.If they are planning to join a programme in the UK; they can apply without worrying.

Our Take:
A government’s policy often gives precedence to the local community. In a situation like this when international students stimulate the local economy, a rash decision would come under severe criticism.Such students will no longer favour the UK as a preferred study destination. With countries like Singapore and Malaysia offering world-class education at a lesser cost; no country can take a chance with passing such resolutions to send students to their home country as soon as they graduate.

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