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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
22 May 2015 68 1 min Share

How Mobile Technology Educates

A study on how mobile technology impacted the students' Performance in studies. Children with iPads seemed to have higher literacy measure compared to the non –iPad students.

22 May 2015 68 1 min Share

Before kids can learn their alphabets or even sing “London Bridge is falling down”, they are playing games and watching cartoons on your iPad! Nearly half of first-time mobile tech users have been found to be toddlers who haven’t even stepped into kindergarten yet. 10% are babies that are of age less than 1, 39% are of the ages 2-4, and 52% are of ages 5-8. 

This is not a factor that has been taken on a light note because Apple’s target demographic has now become children, as it churns out app after app of cartoons and educational games to lure in the little ones.  
What’s good to know is, according to a 2012 study on a set of kindergarteners with and without iPads, children with iPads seemed to have higher literacy measure compared to the non –iPad students. Furthermore, Joan Ganz Cooney Center found a 27 percent increase in vocabulary among 5-year olds and a 17% increase among 3 year olds, after use of an educational iPad app. So what’s your take on the situation? Is the iPad era better off as a passing phase or should it stick around for the better?  Have a look! 

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