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Mahesh Ramani
04 Dec 2014 1 min Share

How Music Makes You Smarter

Take a look on some fun facts on how music makes you smarter and improves Education

04 Dec 2014 1 min Share
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Perhaps we are too engrossed in our daily routine to realise it, but almost everyone is influenced by music each and every day. Recent studies show that listening to music, or playing a musical instrument has a productive effect on the mind and body. Furthermore recent surveys show that the average person listens to at least 25 songs a day and one in two people play a musical instrument. 53% of students between the age group of 12 to 17 listen to music while studying, which is a good piece of information to keep in mind when you have nagging parents, telling you to “turn that music off”.

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “the Mozart Effect”. A phenomenon that suggests that, unborn babies and even babies up to two years of age, when exposed to the great works of the maestro, enjoy increased IQ levels. This has led researchers to suggest that, it helps people study longer with the ability to retain more information.
Some of the world’s mammoth corporations like Shell and IBM use music to train new employees, claiming improved learning, and the College Board reports that students studying music generally score higher SAT scores.
For some more fun facts on how music makes you smarter check out the image below!

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