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New opportunities for online learning
Roshna Mohan

Roshna Mohan is a Content Writer at Hotcourses India - an IDP company. A post-graduate in Biotechnology, she chose content writing as her career out of sheer interest. Reading and cooking are her stress-busters. Talk about these to take the introvert out of the ambivert. Her all-time favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Yuval Noah Harari and Robin Cook.


02 Jun 2020 Book icon 2 mins Share

New opportunities for online learning

Online learning platform rises to the occasion and opens a new window of opportunity for college students.

02 Jun 2020 Book icon 2 mins Share
New opportunities for online learning

A detour for international students

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in new challenges for international students, changing their lives radically, prompting them to get used to new ways of living and studying. No matter the hurdles thrown their way, international students have largely remained positive about the prospects for the academic year and are committed to keeping their plans and personal development on track. The pandemic has surfaced with its own share of opportunities in the virtual sphere with online courses, certificates and degrees.

How do students perceive the idea of virtual learning?

Online learning has slowly but steadily gained appeal among international students. Students have begun to appreciate the prospect of virtual learning and undertaking courses that can be done at home. Closed borders, the inability to attend on-campus instruction, as well as university closures have accelerated this shift in preference. In recent research conducted by QS, over 60 per cent of international students expressed some level of interest in studying online and/or starting online and transferring to face-to-face instruction when possible. In fact, 73 per cent of international students indicated that they were open to starting their studies online in 2020.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is at the forefront of online learning platforms that have responded to the need of the hour, ensuring a seamless learning experience for students across the globe. They offer a range of online courses, certificates, degrees and subject specialisations. Coursera has professionally qualified instructors from renowned institutions such as Yale and Duke University. The platform has established itself as a specialist provider for eight years and the site has become popular amongst students looking to pursue their academic interests or learn a new skill.

What is Coursera offering?

Coursera has announced that, from June 2nd 2020, you will have the opportunity to access and earn certificate courses on the platform for free. You will be able to enrol and take up the offer until July 31st 2020 and have until September 30th 2020 to complete the courses.

Who can avail the offer?

The offer applies to currently enrolled undergraduate students, postgraduate students and recently graduated students. A valid student/ university email address is all that you require to be able to sign up at no cost.

What online programmes are available?

  • 3,800 courses

  • 150 guided projects

  • 400 specialisations

  • 11 professional certificates (including from Google and SAS)

The guided projects on offer will still be available to you after the 30th of September. You can continue to learn and master skills such as data analysis, app development and social media marketing under the guidance of experts in the fields.

Coursera has underlined in its mission statement the assistance and facilitation of students during these unprecedented times. The site provides a great opportunity for students to continue to develop and learn in spite of trying circumstances.

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