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Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


26 Feb 2016 132 Book icon 4 mins Share

Our Picks for the Oscars 2016

The race for the most coveted trophy in films is underway – read our predictions and also pick up pointers on places where you can study film-making.

26 Feb 2016 132 Book icon 4 mins Share
Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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Our Picks for the Oscars 2016

Here at Hotcourses India, we are quite a bunch of movie buffs. Though India has the single largest movie-industry in the world, the quality of movies being churned out here leaves much to be desired. Every year we have good fun picking our choices for the golden statuette and this year for a change we thought let’s have some fun and put it out in the open. Along the way we will also look at some good film schools and universities related to the world of movie-making and acting!

Best Picture

The Nominees: “The Big Short,” ‘’Bridge of Spies,” ‘’Brooklyn,” ‘’Mad Max: Fury Road,” ‘’The Martian,” ‘’The Revenant,” ‘’Room,” ‘’Spotlight.”

This is quite a tough one and with genres as different as chalk and cheese and the Academy in a serious mess as the gem “Carol” did not even get nominated, our pick would be “Spotlight”. The reason being it is a true story and brought out into the open the sins that happen behind closed doors in the halls of the Lord! “The Big Short” may make a surprise cut as well!

The University of Hertfordshire offers the Pre-Master’s Diploma in Art, Design, Film, Media and Music. This is a one-year full-time programme and the perfect foundation to those who wish to an MA in Film or Media.  

Best Actor

The Nominees: Bryan Cranston, “Trumbo”; Matt Damon, “The Martian”; Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant”; Michael Fassbender, “Steve Jobs”; Eddie Redmayne, “The Danish Girl.”

Well what can we say – the staff here - both men and women love good old Leo; and we really hope he wins the elusive statuette once and for all. The surprising miss here is the non-nomination of Michael B. Jordan for his powerhouse yet understated role in “Creed”. With time on his side we hope the young actor will win in due course of time.

Fontbonne University offers the Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts - Acting/Directing. The students on the programme are the actors, lighting engineers, set designers and builders, technical directors, costume designers and publicity people who have tremendous input in the department productions and also work with Mustard Seed Theatre, an award-winning professional theatre in residence at Fontbonne.

Best Actress

The Nominees: Cate Blanchett, “Carol”; Brie Larson, “Room”; Jennifer Lawrence, “Joy”; Charlotte Rampling, “45 Years”; Saoirse Ronan, “Brooklyn.”

Brilliant performance by Brie Larson that should not be overlooked – we are gunning for her!

Keele University offers the popular BA (Hons) in American Studies and Fim Studies programme. The degree combines two distinct subjects and finds a lot of takers. Film Studies is a broad and challenging discipline involving the rigorous and critical study of films from around the world.

Best Supporting Actor

The Nominees: Christian Bale, “The Big Short”; Tom Hardy, “The Revenant”; Mark Ruffalo, “Spotlight”; Mark Rylance, “Bridge of Spies”; Sylvester Stallone, “Creed.”

For the sheer love of Rocky we would want grandpa Sylvester to win for inspiring two generations with the pulsating “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Tom Hardy is one star who is growing in stature with every movie; but who we really think deserves the award this year is mark Rylance who stole the thunder from right under Tom Hanks’ nose in “Bridge of Spies”.

Florida International University offers a BA in Theatre. This is an intensive programme that covers every aspect of theatre from writing, direction, design, sound and light, everything that you would need to stage a play. As film traces its origins from theatre and some of our finest actors and actresses have come to the limelight from the stage this is a good course to study.

Best Supporting Actress

The Nominees: Jennifer Jason Leigh, “The Hateful Eight”; Rooney Mara, “Carol”;  Alicia Vikander, “The Danish Girl”; Kate Winslet, “Steve Jobs.”

We are in a bit of a bother in picking one clear winner here. The odds are in favour of Alicia Vikander for “The Danish Girl” though we won’t be surprised if Kate Winslet wins for “Steve Jobs”.

The University of Surrey offers a BA (Hons) in Digital Media Arts with Film Studies. The programme is designed to train the student in both new digital media and give an insight into the art and theory of cinema. This is the perfect launch pad for those wishing to pursue a postgraduate programme in film-making. 

Best Director

The Nominees: “The Big Short,” Adam McKay; “Mad Max: Fury Road,” George Miller; “The Revenant,” Alejandro G. Inarritu; “Room,” Lenny Abrahamson; “Spotlight,” Tom McCarthy.

Well it is likely that it is the year of “The Revenant” and Alejandro G. Inarritu will win the statuette but on a personal note we are gunning for George Miller who at 70 plus gave us one cracking movie the first definitive blockbuster of the year gone by in “Mad Max: Road of Fury”.

A good script can make or break a movie; a good director can take a mediocre script and translate it into an epic on screen. Why take chances? Go ahead with a full bound script. The University of Northampton offers the BA in Film and Screen Studies and Creative Writing. This is a full-time three year course and prepares the student to write scripts along with a clear understanding of film theory and criticism.

Are you keen on carving a career for yourself in the fascinating world of cinema? Get in touch with us for expert advice and placement assistance on to an appropriate university and programme in film-making.

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