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20 Sep 2017 305 1 min Share

Up by 9 per cent: student applications from India to UK universities

The number of Indian students applying to UK universities has increased by 9 per cent, as of March 2017. A lower exchange rate could be one of the reasons, leading to lower education cost.

20 Sep 2017 305 1 min Share
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After the Brexit issue, there were thick premonitions in the air that universities in the UK might introduce some strict policies for international students, barring highly intelligent students or students with a high academic profile who would always be welcome. Also, we feared that the education cost might increase. 

However, it seems that we’ve been thinking too much! Because as per a press release report, for the year ending March 2017, nearly 4.14 lakh visitor visas to the UK were issued to Indians, out of which 11,700 were study visas and nearly 5000 were short-term study visas.

Moreover, the number of students applying to the UK universities was predominantly more from South India; applications were processed from states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

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British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, Bharat Joshi said: “The number of applications from South India which were ‘flat two years ago’ grew by 9 per cent last year. Students have started to understand much better what the UK system is.”

Adding to this, he further said that students are increasingly getting to know the value of good education and since last year, they have seen the quality of students pouring in to UK universities has improved. Besides improvements in the education system and growing awareness amongst students, a lower exchange rate post Brexit has made the study cost affordable for international students. 

The Gov.UK report shows similar statistics – India and China account for 40% of all visit visas (year ending March 2017) and the most common visas granted to non-EEA nationals were study visas: Chinese – up by 10%, i.e., 77,290 and Indians – up by 9%, i.e., 11,642.

Mr. Joshi further said that two-thirds of work visas are issued to Indians globally. On asking about the impact of trade ties between India and the UK in the wake of Brexit, he said that investments have actually increased from India across major sectors contrary to what was assumed post Brexit.

TOI report states that nearly1,50,000 visa applications to UK were received this year compared with only 1,35,000 last year. 

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