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Tips to stay productive during the lockdown
Roshna Mohan

Roshna Mohan is a Content Writer at Hotcourses India - an IDP company. A post-graduate in Biotechnology, she chose content writing as her career out of sheer interest. Reading and cooking are her stress-busters. Talk about these to take the introvert out of the ambivert. Her all-time favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Yuval Noah Harari and Robin Cook.


13 Aug 2020 Book icon 3 mins Share

Tips to stay productive during the lockdown

How does one stay productive while staying indoors for weeks and months? We have some tried and trusted methods for you.

13 Aug 2020 Book icon 3 mins Share
Tips to stay productive during the lockdown

During the pre-pandemic days, we had a routine to follow, some plans in place. Even if it’s vacation time, we plan to visit our relatives and friends, pay a call to our grandparents, or make a trip to scenic locations with friends or family. There was something or the other to look forward to. Then the pandemic changed everything. Most of us are locked in our own homes. As they say in some of those memes, you end up making trips to the fridge, the balcony, the bedroom, and back. You don’t even realise which day of the week it is.

Sounds rather glum.

Here you are, feeling lazy and demotivated, while some people out there are learning new things, starting YouTube channels, and taking up courses. How are they doing that when you can barely make it out of your bed?! We need to pull ourselves together and get through this without losing the skills we mastered over the years. Some effort is needed to keep us going. Let’s guide you through that.

Have a routine

Let us start with the first and most important point - do not oversleep! Have a fixed time to get up. You do not have errands to run or people to meet. However, getting up, as usual, will go a long way in helping you have the rest of the day in control. A structured day will help you feel motivated. Do your daily routines as you would do on a regular day. The lockdown leaves you with some extra time in hand which you can use to create a new routine such as morning yoga sessions. Make time to dress up for your online classes. This might sound over the top. Why would you want to dress up if nobody is going to see you? Let us rephrase it as ‘be presentable for your online classes’.

Cut yourself some slack on weekends as you would usually do, but don’t turn weekdays into weekend-like, otherwise what you will get is a weekend that doesn’t feel like a weekend at all!

Have a separate workspace

More and more universities are switching to online mode of course delivery. There are several challenges that come with learning online. You might want to attend your classes from the comfort of your bed. Before you realise it, you might end up slouching and feeling sleepy. Let’s avoid that embarrassment. By having a separate workspace, you can trick your brain into thinking that the space is for work and here you need to be ready to take in information while the other location, the bed, is for relaxation. Choose a place with proper lighting, a chair that fixes your posture, and doesn’t allow you to slouch comfortably. You can decorate your table with a table plant and have inspiring quotes on the walls to keep you motivated.

Stay connected

All of us are in the same position. It may seem that the others are having it better than you,  but it’s very likely an illusion. Call people and interact with them. Staying away from friends for so long might be very distressing for some. Have group video calls. You might think it is not important, but you need human interaction to keep you going. If these people are from the same age group as you and share the same interests, even better. When somebody else makes an effort, make sure you pick up that call.

Have a plan

Have a general, loose plan in mind. For example, plan to get up around a particular time, finish your breakfast, and be ready for classes. Whether you have a project to complete or a lesson to read, make sure you plan it out at the beginning of the day. It will make your day seem more structured. Have separate work time and free time so that one does not overlap into the other.

Let’s pause to reflect on the food aspect. Having your meals on time is very important for your wellbeing. When we have all the time in the world, we might tend not to eat our meals on time or just eat anytime and be tempted by junk food. Make sure you are mindful of your eating habits.

Do something extra

Find something to unwind and keep yourself going. Something to mark the occasion when you finish studying each day. If you are not into reading, yoga, exercising, gardening, cooking, drawing, or taking online classes, you might be into watching programmes on TV or on a streaming platform. Find something that you like doing. You can get into your comfortable clothes and tune in once you are done for the day.

These are no hard and fast rules, but definitely, ones that are sure to help you have a structured day and which will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. You can derive inspiration from these tips to come up with a plan that works best for you. Make sure to leave us a message on Facebook to tell us more about it.

A version of this article originally appeared on Hotcourses Abroad

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