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We Know What You Should Be Doing This Summer-INTERNING!

An Internship is the first thing you must look to pursue as soon as you complete your studies abroad. Here's why!

| 11 Feb 2015

Your internship experience will teach you how to communicate in an international work environment and help show your employer that you will adapt to your first paid job in no time.

Psst! You – yes YOU! Just passing you a note in the midst of your crazily busy student life- 
It reads:

“Dear College Student,

Don’t let your dreams be dreams - get up and INTERN!!

The Present Day International Job Market “

That’s right! With every passing day, internships are becoming more and more crucial to career development to international college students. For- loooooooong gone are those days when being highly qualified alone could get you places -we can’t stress this enough! It is crucial you understand the importance of hitting the ground running as the global economy promisingly picks up pace. 

Where It All Began!

Interestingly, the internship was born in the 11th century and you’d be surprised to know that it wasn’t always a cushy and glamorous experience as it is now. If you were in the middle ages- artisans would offer you an apprenticeship where you’d be expected to carry out some back-breaking work as you underwent training for activities like sculpture. But-luckily for you- much has changed since then-as you can tell! Today, you even have the luxury of choosing to complete a virtual internship- 33 percent of global companies are offering one!  Amazing how technology has made things easier a few centuries down the line- there is no better time for you to take up an internship like the present- we tell you. 

Now that you understand its roots and significance- let us take you through the internship-why’s. 

Blend-In?? Never!

One international internship in summer could be all it takes for an employer to distinguish you from the rest of the student-crowd. It gives you the professional edge over other candidates of your age and qualification- making your CV stand out.

Max-Out Your Credit!

What better way to impress your potential employer than by showing off how much credit you’ve earned by successful completion of an internship? This is when you will see all your hard work finally pay off (literally)! Academic credit is mostly offered for most internships done in the summer and the semester.


Interning will help widen your international circle of contacts, friends, and mentors.  Who knows- your current internship supervisor could go beyond commenting on your skill level and end up a key contact for job networking in the near future. Double Score! 

Moan… Groan… Mumble… Grumble..!

Hear that? Employers complaining about hiring freshers with their typical response,” They lack soft skills!” Recent findings bring to light what employers rank as the three most crucial attributes for employment -interpersonal skills, confidence, and initiative. ‘No experience’ – from their point of view, could translate to difficulty in interacting with people in the work place and being more prone to communication barriers. Your internship experience will teach you how to communicate in an international work environment and help show your employer that you will adapt to your first paid job in no time. 

How it Counts!

Taking up an internship will definitely boost up your confidence level, as you learn how to be independent and self-reliant. You could prove that you are a go-getter who doesn’t just wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door- but proactively creates them.

Your Vision!

You will develop a broader view of topics relevant to your subject area and even of current events. Post the interning, you will approach challenges from different angles and gain a different perspective on how to solve various kinds of problems.

What It REALLY Means!

And- all that being said- it’s not JUST about adding another section to your resume. Come on-NO!  Interning abroad will give you lots of exciting new insights into the industry and the local people there that your student life simply –well, just-can’t. 

Convinced yet? Here are a few encouraging stats for you if you’re still deciding...

  • Thought all interns are unpaid? That’s because you didn’t know that Apple pays its interns $4,914 as their monthly salary! Yowza! Amazon shells out $5,366 per month-gasp!
  • Walt Disney Interns get free admission into all of its parks and resorts. 
  • Interning Googlers get free meals, massages, and much more.
  • 86% of interns reported to have had a positive experience.  
  • 70% of interns are more likely to be hired as full-time employees within the same company.
  • 66% of employers think relevant work experience is the most important factor while hiring.
  • Within one year of hire, close to 86% of those who’d interned were seen to stay on the job, compared to 81% who had never interned and consecutively left in shorter time periods. 

Reason enough for you to set off on your internship-hunt? We thought so! Your first one will definitely be an unforgettable experience- as you take small baby steps and enter the real world for the first time. 

If you have any pointers for us or maybe you’d like to leave us comments about the topic- feel free to do so by dropping us a line below. We would love to hear from you! 

Picture courtesy: The Guardian

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