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What will I learn?

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of ten (10) selected units as below.

Unit Assessment
AHCPCM507 – Diagnose plant health problems Assessment 1 : Plant health problems report – Factors influencing plant health and diagnosing plant health problems

Assessment 2 : Oral presentation

Assessment 3 : Online quiz on plant health problems

Assessment 4 : Observation examination at demonstrate farm

AHCPHT409 – Develop a crop regulation program Assessment 1 : Create a crop regulation poster

Assessment 2 : Written Short and Extended Answer Questions

Assessment 3 : Prepare a detailed nutrients crop regulation program.

AHCNSY404 Plan a growing-on program / AHCNSY403 Plan a propagation program Assessment 1 : Written questions – Identify issues affecting the growing-on program; develop the growing-on plan

Assessment 2 : Project report on plan a grow-on program

Assessment 3 :

Oral presentation
Online quiz

BSBLDR414 – Lead team effectiveness Activity / Learning Guide (this includes practical assessments)
AHCWHS401 Maintain work health and safety processes

Assignment 1 – A&B Written Task- Identifying hazards, assessing risks, level of risk, risk level matrix, safety training, PPE, Hazardous substances, OHS policies & procedures, Legislations, regulations and code of practices

Assignment 2 A – Written Task – staff participation in monitoring and reporting OHS issues, Staff consultation, Hazards in agriculture and horticulture workplace, hierarchy of control, case scenarios

Assignment 2 – B Written Task- Emergency events, evacuation plans, staff training, JSA’s

Assessment 3 – Written Examination ( Closed book)

AHCMOM402 Supervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment

Assessment item 1 Task 1- Prepare business documents

Assessment item 2 Task 2 – Prepare business document

Assessment item 3 Task 3- Prepare desktop publish documents( MS Word)

Assessment item 4 Task 4 – Prepare desktop published documents(MS Excel)

Assessment item 5 Task 5 – prepare desktop published documents(MS Word)

Assessment item 6 Task 6 – prepare desktop published documents(MS Word)

FBPFSY3001 Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs Activity / Learning Guide (this includes practical assessments)
AHCPCM404 – Recommend plants and cultural practices

Assessment 1Written Tasks & practical activities

Assessment 2 Plant resource package & Plant identification Excursion Report

Assessment 3Written Examination ( Closed book)

AHCWRK403 – Supervise work routines and staff performance

Assignment 1– Short Answer Research Questions

Assignment 2– Short Answer Questions & Risk

Assessment (Practical Exercise)

Assignment 3 – Spray Calibration, spill kit

Written Examination

AHCHYD501 – Develop a plan for a hydroponic system Assessment item 1 –Project Assessment item 2-Examination Online Quiz 50 questions in 50 minutes.



Study options

Online/Distance with attendance (72 weeks)

Tuition fees
Information not available
Start date

Scheduled dates throughout the year


Australian College of Agriculture and Horticulture

City Campus,

Suite 2, Level 11, 55 Swanston Street,



3004, MELBOURNE, Australia

Online/Distance (72 weeks)

Tuition fees
Information not available
Start date

Scheduled dates throughout the year

Entry requirements

For international students

Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements: all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement:: Completion of equivalent to certificate II or higher, Year 10 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Horticulture Industry, with at least 12 months equivalent employment. This qualification may be accessed by direct entry.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.