What will I learn?

At PLC, we recognise the individual and take a team approach to offer a personalised education.
The African Proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ informs our community approach in developing distinguished young women who are courageous, principled and resilient. This team approach is unique to PLC and allows for greater personalisation of all we do.

It is important to us that your daughter is known and valued and that her academic progress and wellbeing are monitored and developed. In the Senior School our staff work as a team to support your daughter’s development.

All Year groups in the Senior School have a Year Co-ordinator, a Wellbeing and Service Co-ordinator and a Learning Co-ordinator. These staff form the first point of contact for our girls and their families and bring to life the true value a connected community has in supporting and developing our girls.

Develop ME: Yr 7 – 8

In the Develop ME programme, we focus on building core skills and understandings to create a strong foundation, enabling the girls to mature and move confidently into the Define ME programme in Years 9 – 10.

We understand the importance of developing friendships and ensuring our girls feel a strong sense of belonging within our Senior School and design our programmes to support this.

Becoming an independent learner is critical to future success and in the Develop ME programme we teach organisational skills, study skills, assist our girls with goal setting and begin the process of developing each girls’ unique learning style.

In addition to subject studies, all girls participate in Outdoor Education programmes in Years 7 – 8 and are expected to become involved in both the Service Learning Programme and Sport.

Define ME: Years 9-10

During these years of significant intellectual, emotional and social development, PLC girls define their individual strengths and aspirations in an environment focused on both wellbeing and academic achievement.

With strong skills and understandings from the programme, the focus shifts to applying skills and understandings to support critical thinking and a broader understanding of the world around them.

Mastery of Content, Concepts and Skills

In Years 9 and 10, girls learn in a concept-based, mastery-driven framework. Expert subject-based knowledge and skills are framed around deep, transferable understandings and real-life situations. Students are engaged as active participants in their learning: they select, seek out and master content, skills and understandings in the pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields and interests.

Learning is refined through a cycle of formative assessment and knowledge/skills development. Assessment is not just of learning, but also for learning. Students are able to access course content and feedback in a way that gives them more control over their own learning. Feedback is recorded and presented to students and parents in such a way to maximise students’ ability to improve their performance, rather than simply acknowledging it.



Study options

Full Time (208 weeks)

Tuition fees
A$42,502.00 (23,67,799) per year
Start date

Expected October 2021


Presbyterian Ladies' College

14 McNeil Street,


Western Australia,

6011, PERTH, Australia