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What will I learn?

Programme Mission

  • To enable students to develop multiple interpretive perspectives (philosophical and religious) on different contexts of public affairs.
  • To help students appreciate and respect diversity within modern society in order to explore conflicting values in critically informed and creative ways.
  • To help students further develop and reflect on their own values, so that they will be able to justify their own decisions, judgments and convictions, and so become informed and responsible citizens in their community, nation and the world.
  • To equip future secondary school Liberal Studies teachers with subject knowledge of most modules.
  • To stimulate the students’ interest in, and a reflective understanding of public affairs.
  • To enhance awareness and knowledge of the value dimensions of discourses on economic, political, legal, social, cultural, and environmental affairs.
  • To provide a transition to the eventual pursuit of further studies in various disciplines.

Course Description

LSE 7010 Approaches to the Study of Values

In order to enable students to develop multiple interpretative perspectives on perennial and contemporary issues as well as to appreciate and respect diversity within modern society, the course will introduce different moral theories and principles in allowing students to achieve a comprehensive understanding of various approaches in resolving moral conflicts.

LSE 7120 Critical Thinking for Public Affairs

The course aims to help students understand what critical thinking is and what conceptual tools and principles are involved in critical thinking.

LSE 7130 Social Justice

This course introduces basic concepts of social and political philosophy, including the justification of the state, the nature of social life, the relation between individuals and the collective, the ideas of liberty, right, good, etc.

LSE 7140 Law, Liberty and Morality

This course will explore the dynamics between criminal law, liberty and morality by discussing the merits and demerits of four liberty-limiting: (1) harm to others; (2) offense to others; (3) harm to oneself; and (4) legal enforcement of morality even if there is no victim.

LSE 7070 Public Health and the Common Good

The course aims to help student understand public health and the related issues from both a medical and an ethical point of view.

LSE 7080 Science, Technology and Environmental Ethics

This course deals with the ethical dilemma of modern application of science and technology. Science and technology have greatly enhanced the quality of human lives and productivity. Yet they do at the expense of the environment and other life forms including human future generations.

LSE 7040 Values and Socio-cultural Issues in Hong Kong Today

This course seeks to employ theories in modern sociology and cultural studies to study important socio-cultural issues in contemporary Hong Kong.

LSE 7050 Traditional Values and Moral Challenges in Modern China

This course begins with an introduction to the background of the economic reform and open-up of China since 1978, and then examines how the reform and open-up reshape the economic, political, and cultural life of the people.

LSE 7060 Globalization: Cultural and Ethical Issues

This course aims to help you answer these questions by examining different aspects of globalization.

LSE 7150 Human Rights in a Multicultural World

The course will help students reflect on the idea of human rights from the perspectives of major philosophical and religious traditions in the contemporary multicultural world.

Which department am I in?

Faculty of Arts

Study options

Full Time (1 year)

Tuition fees
HK$100,000.00 (10,11,634) per year
Application deadline

Expected June 2023

More details

Start date

Expected September 2022


Hong Kong Baptist University

Kowloon Tong,

Kowloon City, Hong Kong, Kowloon

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Applicants should normally hold a Bachelor's degree for admission to a Taught Postgraduate degree programme; English Language Requirements: TOEFL - 550 (Paper-based), 79 (Internet-based); or IELTS (Academic): Overall Band at 6.5; or CET-6 (College English Test band 6): 450.

For international students

Applicants should possess:

  • a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or comparable institution; or
  • a qualification deemed to be equivalent.

Language Proficiency Requirement

Proof of English proficiency is required for all applicants whose bachelor’s degrees were obtained from non-English medium institutions. These applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for English proficiency:

  • 74 (internet-based test) in TOEFL; or
  • an overall band score of 6.0 in IELTS; or
  • a score of 450 in the College English Test band 6 (CET-6) of China.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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