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What will I learn?

Are you fascinated by technology? Do you have an interest in Mechanical Engineering and do you want to choose a wide study field that gives you many job opportunities after graduation: from drilling platforms to the plastics industry but also high tech industry or in construction companies. You learn to design (in 3D) and to make new products or to improve existing machinery Can you imagine how to help a customer to make more energy-efficient machinery or devices, for example, or to realize that a manufacturing process produces less waste? It's your choice how your future will look like!

1st year of study

During the first year of study you learn what Mechanical Engineering is about. You are involved in projects which are supported by typical Mechanical Engineering related subjects like:

  • Construction and mechanics
  • Mathematics
  • Energy & process
  • Measurement
  • Control and modeling
  • Thermodynamics
  • Communication and presentation techniques
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Personal development & integrated design methods

2nd year of study (core phase)

As from the second year you expand your knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering. This is called the core phase of the program. You will also get the opportunity to be involved in applied research. Together with other students, teachers and employees from companies you work and do research on new technological opportunities and innovations. This will be done in the so-called EXPO or IPD projects. Projects can involve 3D printing in our OBJEX-lab, Adaptive Robotics or projects in the fields of electrical driving.

3rd year of study (core phase)

In the first semester of the 3rd year you will do your first internship: you then work and study in a company related to your study field in Mechanical Engineering. For you this is a great opportunity to apply what you have learned so far in a real working environment. In the 2nd semester you will do your minor programme: you can choose to do a minor related closely to ME or choose a university minor that is not related to your major ME. There are many opportunities like minors related to Business, ICT, Marketing or even minors offered at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad.

4th year of study (exam phase)

In the first semester of the 4th year you choose one of our specializations: General ME, Energy- and Process Technology or Business Engineering. Characteristics for General ME are: design of complex and advanced constructions, learning about precision engineering of moving and non-moving constructions including stiffness and effects of frictions in constructions. Characteristics of Process Technology are: power control and improvement of energetic output. Your focus will be on energy and process technology related topics. But also heat and heat exchangers will be interesting topics. Saving energy in industrial applications is also part of the programme. Characteristics for Business Engineering are: in the framework of ME you will learn more about business economics like management and organisation (HRM). But also topics like costs structures, investments and patents are dealt with. Business Engineering is interesting for those students in ME who have a wish to start their own future company.

Study options

Full Time (48 months)

Tuition fees
€9,830.00 (8,03,105) per year
Start date

Expected September 2022


Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Eindhoven Campus,

Rachelsmolen 1,



5612 MA, Netherlands

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Other English Language Requirements: Minimum score TOEFL Paper 550 / TOEFL comp 213.

For international students

As a prospective Bachelor's student you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards. In order to be admitted to Fontys University of Applied Sciences students must be eligible for higher education through a diploma of secondary education / high school diploma with good results.

For students of other nationalities: senior high school diploma/ GCE or equivalent e.g. the British GCE A-levels or GCSE grades A, B or C. Requirements: at least 6 exam subjects. Minimum for the examinee subjects is 4 GCSE subjects with grades A*, A, B or C and 2 GCE subjects at A/S Level (no specific grade required). A/S Level means advanced subsidiary level (previously advanced supplementary level). Mathematics and physics must be taken at GCE level AND part of examinee subjects.

Language requirements

  • IELTS - 6.0
  • TOEFL paper - 550
  • TOEFL computer - 213
  • TOEFL internet - 79/80
  • TOEIC - 670
  • Cambridge ESOL - CAE-C

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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