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What will I learn?

Why are populist political parties becoming increasingly popular? Is this a bad development? Do we have an obligation to save the natural environment for future generations? How has migration developed, and how has it contributed to shaping health care and education policy over time? What would the economic effects be if we gave all citizens a national basic income?

Though it is possible to answer complex questions like these, it is definitely not easy. To help solve our world’s biggest challenges, we need experts who are able to look at societal issues from various perspectives. Our new Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) meet this need. The programme provides high-level, intensive training for students who are eager to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

This course also offers in Law, Economics and Governance.


The PPE programme in Utrecht has duration of three years. Each year consists of four study periods with two courses each.

Related master's programmes

After obtaining your Bachelor's degree you can progress to a Master’s programme to specialize even further. We offer the following Master’s and Research Master’s programmes in the fields of philosophy, politics and economics. Research Master’s (RMA) programmes are two-year programmes that prepare you to do a PhD.

Career Prospects

PPE provides a programme which enables students to apply for jobs or graduate programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to giving you a Bachelor's degree from a world-wide renowned university, it will give you an interdisciplinary degree in the English language, which means that after completing the PPE programme here, you will be eligible to apply for much more further opportunities than would someone with a regular, monodisciplinary, Bachelor's programme. Furthermore, if you would choose to pursue a Master's programme, you can easily do this within the national or international context without having to prove further English language proficiency.

Most graduates of the Bachelor's programme go on to pursue a (related) Master’s programme, which will expand your employment opportunities, deepen your specialization and qualify you for pursuing further studies. In terms of graduate programmes, students graduating with our PPE Bachelor can apply for one of the specialized Master's programmes at Utrecht University in philosophy, economics, history or governance, or to any other Master's programme at universities abroad. During their third year of the PPE programme, students can prepare for more interdisciplinary or more disciplinary Master's programmes, depending on how they decide to fill their profile area (a major part of the third year allows students the choice of what studies and topics to pursue, or whether to take up an internship). If a student is interested in a Master's programme, which requires concrete specialization in a subject matter, or specific methodological skills, the third year provides a great opportunity to increase one’s competences as seen fit.

Many of our graduates will choose to pursue a career straight after completing the PPE programme. Given the intensity of our programme and its interdisciplinary character, there are many career opportunities that PPE students can take. Some, although not all, examples, include a career in:

  • Politics
  • Law
  • Banking and economic sector
  • Policy advice
  • Research analysis
  • Academia
  • Civil service
  • Diplomatic service
  • Journalism and media
  • Education

Which department am I in?

Faculty of Humanities

Study options

Full Time (3 years)

Tuition fees
€12,431.00 (10,15,605) per year
Start date

Expected September 2022


Utrecht University

Heidelberglaan 8,

Utrecht Science Park / De Uithof,


3584, Netherlands

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Applicants may be recognised under an international treaty, or based on international comparisons; e.g. : a European Baccalaureate from a European school; an International Baccalaureate; Zeugnis der Algemeinen Hochschulreife (Abitur); 3 GCE A-Levels; Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs (Belgium); US High School Diploma (USA). In addition to the completed High School Diploma, we require students to obtain at least 4 Advanced Placements (AP's) of the US College Board, all with a score of -3- or higher. Diploma di Superamento dell’Esame di Stato Conclusivo dei Corsi di Istruzione Secondario Superiore (issued by a Liceo classico/ scientifico/ linguistico/scienze umane) (Italy). English Language Requirements: IELTS is the test preferred by Utrecht University: Minimum score: 6.5 overall band, 5.5 for writing; TOEFL, Internet based Institutional scores are not accepted. The TOEFL institution code for Utrecht University is 9062 - Minimum score: 83 with 24 reading, 22 listening, 20 speaking, 17 writing; Cambridge Certificates: Advanced English or Proficiency in English, minimum score C.

For international students

Students must have the following:

  • VWO diploma including wiskunde A or B and a grade of 8 or higher for English
  • A comparable international diploma (such as an International Baccalaureate (IB) with equivalent exam subject(s) in Mathematics)

English language requirements: IELTS, Academic Module - Minimum score: 7.0 overall band, with at least a 6.0 for each component (writing, reading, speaking, listening). TOEFL, Internet based - Minimum score: 100, with at least 23 for writing, and at least 20 for the other sections (reading, speaking, and listening). Institutional scores are not accepted. Cambridge Certificates: Advanced English or Proficiency in English, minimum score C.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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