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What will I learn?

The purpose of offering this programme is to develop and groom Banking & Finance students in strategic thinking and analytical abilities which are essential qualities of contemporary investments, finance managers and executives. Students will acquire cutting-edge financial and investment knowledge important for keeping up with change in the business environment.

Course Objectives

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Banking & Finance) is designed to enable students to attain the basic thinking skills, creative ability, and technical knowledge in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, Supply Chain, Digital Management, and Banking & Finance Specialization Modules. Our goal is to guide our students to be flexible and sensitive to the dynamic changes in business trends and most important the needs of their industry.

ERCI runs its classes on a lecture-tutorial system. The average teacher-student ratio for lectures and tutorials are as follows:

Lectures – 150 Students to 1 Lecturer

Tutorials – 35 Students to 1 Tutor

Course Delivery

Students undertaking the Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Banking and Finance) programme will be expected to complete 12 modules of academic study. This programme is available on both full and part time basis, and will take 16 months and 24 months respectively to complete. Full-time students will attend classes 5 days a week on weekdays, while part-time students will attend classes 2 times a week on weekdays and/or on weekends.

Assessment Framework

Courses are assessed by a combination of coursework, practical assignments and examinations. Unless otherwise stated, all modules within the Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Banking and Finance) programme are assessed based on the 3-3-4 framework: 30% Competency-Based Assessment, 30% on individual assignment(s) and/or class tests, 40% on group assignment(s) and/or class participation.

Which department am I in?

ERC Institute

Study options

Full Time (16 months)

Tuition fees
Tuition fee: SG $18,000 for the entire course
Start date

Expected July, October 2022


ERC Institute

229 Mountbatten Road,

Mountbatten Square, #01-30,

398007, Singapore

Entry requirements

For international students

Equivalent of Year 12 from the respective home country of the applicants

IELTS 5.5 or regional equivalent

ERCI Foundation Certificate in Business Management


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