Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering specialising in Microelectronics Track



What will I learn?

This programme, students will receive a broad, flexible education in key growth areas such as digital media and communications, biomedical electronics, and microelectronics. Expect plenty of hands-on training in our cutting-edge laboratories as you hone your technical skills. Students will gain a broad-based foundation in electrical and electronics applications across specialties such as semiconductors, digital media, and biomedical engineering, Acquire practical skills through hands-on training in our cutting edge laboratories and industry joint laboratories, Get valuable experience by participating in R and D projects with leading companies in the industry. The semiconductor industry is a significant contributor to Singapore's electronics output and is one of the largest employers in Singapore. Recent advancement in Thin Film Technology (TFT) has created new and exciting opportunities in many industries such as optical coatings, displays and information storage. This specialisation provides students with the necessary practical skills and knowledge in the wafer fabrication processes behind the Integrated Circuit (IC); understanding how TFT is applied to real life applications like solar cell and LED; identifying the causes of failures of Integrated Circuit (IC) through the use of state-of-the-art equipment; and discovering the limitless possibilities of nanotechnology. Some of the jobs roles graduate can look forward are: associate electronics engineer, associate engineer, engineering assistant, and research assistant. There are excellent career prospects and ample opportunities in the diverse electrical and electronic industry. Graduates will be equipped with the versatility to work in any of the digital media and communication sector, the biomedical electronics sector or the semiconductor sector, as assistant or associate engineers. Graduates can also choose to pursue further education in local or overseas universities. The diploma programme is designed to meet the requirements for advanced standing in local (eg. NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT, SIM) and overseas Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Which department am I in?

School of Engineering

Study options

Full Time (3 years)

Tuition fees
SG$26,919.00 (16,35,419) per year
Tuition Fee Payable (after Tuition Grant): SG $9,050
Start date

Expected October 2023


School of Engineering

9 Woodlands Avenue 9,

738964, Singapore

Entry requirements

For international students

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements: O-level holders must have English language with grades 1-7, mathematics (Elementary/Additional) with grades 1-6, any one of the following subjects: with grades 1-6; aggregate type (ELR2B2-C); NITEC holders must have completed subjects with GPA equal to 3.5; higher NITEC holders must have completed subjects with GPA equal to 2.0. Applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements: A-level holders must have the obtain an A-S grade for General Paper (English Medium), obtain an A-E grade for 3 other H2 subjects, and must have taken GCE 'A' Level examinations whilst studying in a Junior College / Millennia Institute in Singapore.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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