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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry




What will I learn?

The PhD in Chemistry programme is a four-year programme that trains students to work in chemistry through a broad, flexible base of coursework and research experience. Our graduate students take advanced courses focusing on active research topics, and perform research under the supervision of a faculty member. The programme culminates in writing and defending a scientific thesis before a panel of scientific experts.

Our division boasts world-class experts in many fields of chemistry, contributing to NTU's 13th place rank in Chemistry in the 2017 Nature Index, among academic institutions worldwide. We have specialists in biophysical chemistry, nanomaterials, femtosecond and attosecond spectroscopy, microfluidics, atmospheric chemistry, polymer science, chemical biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, and many other areas.

Many PhD students in our division are supported by scholarships, which cover tuition fees and provide a stipend and other forms of support. Some scholarships include certain teaching and service requirements; the exact terms and conditions are explained upon the offering of the scholarship.


PhD students must complete the following courses, consisting of a total of 16 Academic Units (AUs):

  • HWG702 - University Teaching for Teaching Assistants.
  • HWG703 - Graduate English.
  • CBC729 (4 AU graduate seminar course, offered in Semester 1).
  • Two CBC Instrumentation Courses (2 AU + 2 AU).
  • Two more lecture-based graduate courses (CBC7XX; 4 AU each).
  • The SPMS Research Integrity (SPMS-RI) Course.

Which department am I in?

College of Science

Study options

Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fees
SG$19,250.00 (11,94,169) per year
This fee is for 2019 and it may subject to change in the coming year
Start date

Expected August 2023


College of Science

60 Nanyang Drive,


637551, Singapore

Entry requirements

For international students

BSc in chemistry or a related discipline. If the university has an honours system, at least second-upper class honours, or the equivalent, is required.

For the PhD programme, applicants may optionally have a MSc degree in chemistry or a related discipline, but this is not mandatory. If the university has an honours system, at least second-upper class honours in the MSc degree, or the equivalent, is required.

International applicants must take and pass a Technical Proficiency Test (TPT) in Chemistry administered by the school. This test is exempted if the applicant submits an appropriate GRE score.

All international applicants who are not native English speakers must have TOEFL scores, IELTS scores, or pass an English Proficiency Test (EPT) administrated by the School.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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