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To study history is to study change: historians are experts in examining and interpreting human identities and transformations of societies and civilizations over time. They use a range of methods and analytical tools to answer questions about the past and to reconstruct the diversity of human experience: how profoundly people have differed in their ideas, institutions, and cultural practices; how widely their experiences have varied by time and place, and the ways they have struggled while inhabiting a shared world. Historians use a wide range of sources to weave individual lives and collective actions into narratives that bring critical perspectives on both our past and our present. Studying history helps us understand and grapple with complex questions and dilemmas by examining how the past has shaped (and continues to shape) global, national, and local relationships between societies and people.

Goals of the Major

The goal of the history major is to offer students the knowledge and skills they need to gain a critical perspective on the past. Students will learn to define important historical questions, analyze the relevant evidence with rigor and creativity, and present convincing conclusions based on original research in a manner that contributes to academic and public discussions. In History, as in other humanistic disciplines, students will practice resourceful inquiry and careful reading. They will advance their writing and public speaking skills to engage historical and contemporary issues.

To ensure that students gain exposure to some of the great diversity of topics, methodologies, and philosophical concerns that inform the study of history, the department requires a combination of courses that offers depth, breadth, and variety of exposition. Through those courses, students should develop:

  • Broad acquaintance with several geographic areas of the world and with both the pre-modern and modern eras.
  • Familiarity with the range of sources and modes through which historical information can be found and expressed. Sources may include textual, oral, physical, and visual materials. The data within them may be qualitative or quantitative, and they may be available in printed, digital, or other formats. Modes of expression may include textbooks, monographs, scholarly articles, essays, literary works, or digital presentations.
  • In-depth understanding of a topic of their choice through original or creative research.
  • The ability to identify the skills developed in the history major and to articulate the applicability of those skills to a variety of endeavors and career paths beyond the professional practice of history.

Course options

Here are the different ways in which you can study BS in History.

Full Time (120 credit hours)

Tuition fees

$37,785.00 (27,68,677) per year


21 Jan, 02 Sep


College of Letters and Science

South Hall, 1055 Bascom Mall,

University of Wisconsin–Madison,



53706, United States

Entry requirement for international students

Applicant must have high school record should demonstrate both rigor and breadth in the types of course work you pursue. A competitive academic record should show some of the most challenging advanced-level work offered at or through your school in as many areas as possible, while maintaining a strong GPA. The following chart shows the number of years that most admitted students studied in each subject area; English 4 years, Math 4 years, Social Studies 3-4 years, Science 3-4 years, Single Foreign Language 3-4 years and Additional Academic/Fine Arts 2 years. Applicant must have ACT score of 30 and overall SAT score of 1395.

English Language Requirement

Applicant must have TOEFL score of 100 on internet based test, 603 on the paper-based test or IELTS score of 6.5

* Please check with your chosen school for the exact entry requirements for your programme.

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