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Antony Chacko
17 Aug 2015 687 2 mins Share

Archeologist - Career options and course details

Archeologists have ample scope in India and abroad and there is lot of research work involved. One can be a curator, heritage conservator, archivist, numismatist or teacher.

17 Aug 2015 687 2 mins Share
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If you are a lover of history, the subject that testifies the passing of time and which helps to illuminate reality and vitalize the memory and which brings about a tiding of antiquity then your destined career is archeology. Archeology helps to record the history of ancient civilization which was ignored to be recorded in those days. It helps to discover a wide range of information about the way of life, social structure, economic organization and environmental effects of the past.  It is a rewarding career which poses various kinds of challenges and it is a career that will interest anyone who has a desire to unveil the past. It is a combination of a scientific and systematic study of the past which brings about an understanding of human cultures through the unearthing, analysis and documentation of material remains and environmental data, like architecture, artifacts, features, landscapes and biofacts. It helps us preserve, conserve and protect the past and helps us to get a picture of how the world would have been like when our ancestors were around. It is a science that involves a lot of other streams like geography, history, anthropology, chemistry, geology, art and literature.


Work environment for Archeologist

Archeologist spends a lot of time excavating things and classifies them periodically. They probe into the past and help people relive them through their discoveries. So a historical knowledge about the time and place is an essential. A bit of chemistry is also necessary so that the excavation is done safely. A good understanding of different languages is also necessary and sometimes the language can even be dead. A lot of different branches of science like archaeometry, bioarcheology, geoarcheology are some of the forms of sciences involved in archeology. So archeology is a healthy mix of history and science.

What to study to become an Archeologist?

A bachelor’s degree in history or archeology is a must. After completion of the basic program one can pursue a post graduate diploma or a master’s course in archeology. If you are interested in research in archeology then you can continue to do your Ph.D. Bard College, Baylor University, Boston University, Harvard University, Princeton University and the George Washington College are some of the famous institutions that offer archeology programs.

Career options for Archeologist

Archeologists have ample scope in India and abroad and there is lot of research work involved. One can be a curator, heritage conservator, archivist, numismatist or teacher.

Entry Level for Archeologist

An archeologist can start his career as an assistant with a starting pay of Rs 15,000 and go up the ladder based on performance. A doctoral degree is mandatory to go up the ladder in this field in the long run.

So get immersed in the past and relive it by unveiling treasures of information.


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