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Diya Paul
07 Apr 2017 3.4K 2 mins Share

Career Opportunities in Chemistry field

About one-third of chemistry graduates pursue traditional lab work - you can also find a number of possibilities in research laboratories, especially in those owned by petroleum companies.

07 Apr 2017 3.4K 2 mins Share
Diya Paul
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Want to enrol in a course that will open doors to jobs that you have ever imagined? Then a Chemistry qualification could be just for you. Whatever we eat, wear, the technology we use... everything depends on Chemistry! A chemist can play multiple roles – he/she can protect our environment and food supply, develop medicines that combat diseases and do much more.

About one-third of chemistry graduates pursue traditional lab work. You can also find a number of possibilities in research laboratories, especially in those owned by petroleum companies. By specializing in Biochemistry, you can widen your scope by availing conservation, environmental and medical opportunities.

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A sea of career options, starting from in industry, government to academia, are available for Chemistry graduates. Pick the one that's your call:

  1. Research & Development
  2. Analytical Chemist
  3. Forensic Expert
  4. Cheminformatics
  5. Crystallography
  6. Chemical Engineer
  7. Industrial Management
  8. QC in Chemical Health & Safety
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Regulatory Affairs
  11. Toxicology
  12. Quality Control
  13. Technical Support
  14. Formulation Chemistry
  15. Process Chemistry
  16. Hazardous Waste Management
  17. Public Safety
  18. Science Policy
  19. Basic Research
  20. Professor

What and how does a Chemist do for living?

A chemist gets to transform mundane, everyday stuff into incredible things. Some discover cures for AIDS, a few keep check of the ozone activity and there are chemists who help create utilities that make life easier by implementing concepts such as induction, hydration and malleability.

Who do you think ensures the smell and taste of chocolates or roses? – Chemists! – They are the ones who check if your deodorants and antiperspirants are operating properly and also evaluate the perfume. Sounds much better than a boring desk job?

How tasty was what you ate for breakfast? Chemists play a major role in creating foods that are tempting to our palette. Chemists also ensure that foods are well-preserved and safe and worth buying from supermarkets.

Forensic chemists analyse evidences that are brought in from crime scenes. Their findings can help solve crimes. If a case goes to court, giving evidence is a vital part of a forensic chemist's job. The forensic chemist impartially explains the evidence to the jury and aids the jury in reaching a verdict.

If you love science and have a passion for writing, why not combine the two? Science journalism is a field, which enables you to write for specialist magazines or public communications universities and government departments.

As an environmental engineer, you can solve environmental problems and work in different avenues, such as pollution control, public health issues, climate change and wildlife conservation. What about contributing to help make a greener city, perhaps by creating greener cars?

Chemistry graduates are highly sought after by international companies. In an uncertain world, what could be a greater benefit than almost having a job guaranteed at the end of one's study!

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