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Liza Sandy
20 Jul 2015 1K 2 mins Share

Career Options for Lazy Bones

It is a common belief that being lazy can take a person nowhere. This however is not entirely true.

20 Jul 2015 1K 2 mins Share
Liza Sandy
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It is a common belief that being lazy can take a person nowhere. This however is not entirely true. You might find it surprising but people who want to work at home (or work a few hours a day) have as many job options as the one having a regular job. There are actually many occupations to choose from, with some of them being easy, less time consuming, weird and some even funny.

Beer Taster 

• One can try being a beer taster. The beer companies are always in search of people who can taste and evaluate the quality of their product. They are known as “quality control specialists.” The work is quite interesting and also does not take much time. Other branches of the same kind include tea, wine and food tasting. 


• The other thing a person can do is become a lifeguard. If you are fond of sport, especially swimming, then you can become a lifeguard. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people in trouble. The job application writing also needs to be simple. You just need to be a good swimmer and that is the only criteria. 

Game Testers

• The other interesting profession includes video gamer testers. The video game companies need people who can play various games launched by the companies and rate them accordingly.. The work does not take too much time, it is pleasant and exciting and hence very convenient. There are quite a few people who have managed to make a successful living out of playing video games, but still you can try writing game reviews later on.


• A person can also try becoming a blood, sperm, or even plasma donor. The identity of the person is kept secret and the person can earn a lot of money by donating the above mentioned. This also does not include any formal job application writing, except for the demands of the hospitals. This is a kind of job has become quite popular nowadays. This also helps a person make quick and easy money in a short span of time.


• You can also try babysitting. It does not require much of efforts and one can end up having a nice time with kids. It is pretty flexible in terms of schedule and you can choose the preferable time and hours you want to work. The only important requirement is love for children. This job is quite popular among teenagers, young mothers and housewives. Many people opt for becoming baby-sitters.


• A person who loves reading can apply for the position of the librarian. This is almost a dream job for a book lover. One does not have to move much but sit at the desk and work accordingly. Many people in their young life aspire to become librarians as it doesn’t require many skills and efforts. Of course, you may say that this is not a very prestigious job, but you can actually devote some time for self-education or just reading a good book. 
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