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Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


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How to prepare for a postgraduate course in computing

Expert advice on Computing by Mr. Gillian Rawlings who teaches Computing at Edge Hill University

20 Jul 2015 146 Book icon 2 mins Share
Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


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edge hill computing

This is an interview by Mr. Gillian Rawlings – Lecturer  at Edge Hill University. In this interview he discusses about Computing program, objectives, admission services, funding opportunities and much more...

Q. What course do you teach?

MSc Computing Information Systems
• MSc Web Development
MSc Information Security & IT Management

Q. What are the main objectives of this course?
• Developing understanding of current and emerging computer technologies.

• Enable students to explore the issues around the management of Information Technology in business and industrial contexts.

• Facilitate students in the development of expertise and interest in topic areas of direct and complementary relevance to the workplace.

• Applying knowledge and understanding of critical and pervasive issues in computing and information systems in a range of situations.

• Encouraging students to develop an understanding of current research issues.

• Integrating theory and practice to emphasise academic rigour and practical application.

Q. What qualities do you think students need in order to succeed on this course?

a) Cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis

b) Effective problem solving and decision making skills

c) Effective communication, oral and in writing

d) Numeracy and quantitative skills

e) Effective use of Communication and Information Technology (CIT) for business applications

f) Effective self-management

g) Learning to learn and developing an appetite for learning

h) Self awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity

i) Effective performance, within a team environment. Interpersonal skills of effective listening, negotiating, persuasion and presentation

j) Abilities to conduct research into business and management issues

Q. What advice would you give to Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. The obvious one is to apply early to ensure that you have a seat and accommodation at the University and that there are no visa issues. Make sure that your personal statement says something about you and is written by you and that it relates to this University and course. When you arrive be prepared to join in and take all the opportunities available to you.

Q. What career options are open to Indian graduates from this course?

A. There are a number of career options open to students depending on which course (and pathway) they study. Students who study Computing can expect to be employed as Database Administrators, programmers or in Project Management. If the Web pathway is taken then opportunities exist to be involved in web design and administration. If a student studies Information Security & IT Management then there are numerous roles that can be undertaken – i.e. Network Administrator, Network Security Officer, Risk and Compliance Officer.

Q. Are there any companies that have recruited students who have completed this course?

A. Yes.  A number of students were recruited after finishing their placements.

Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

A. All the Business School courses provide a placement opportunity with a local company. This gives students a chance to apply their learning to a real workplace situation and undertake a project on behalf of the company. This has proved very successful for our students.
Our programmes also emphasise the development of the skills required by managers such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. As part of the programme students are required to complete a dissertation which includes some original research and will equip them if they decide to continue their studies to the next level.

Q. Are there any funding opportunities available for Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A.Yes, all South Asian students are awarded a generous £1,000 scholarship.
For further Information contact the International Office:
T: +44 1695 657122

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