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Antony Chacko
17 Aug 2015 2K 2 mins Share

Fitness Trainer - Career options and courses to study

Fitness Trainer is a lucrative career and in today’s world can be termed as a sustainable business. You can opt for a diploma in sports science to become a fitness instructor

17 Aug 2015 2K 2 mins Share
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John F. Kennedy rightly told that, ‘physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.’  Today’s work has led us to have a sedentary life style which makes us being far from fit. No magic tea, cream or pill and get you back in shape but a physical trainer can be the magician. If you are a fitness freak and want to be one with the magic wand which is waiting to change the life of the people around you, then it is time to take up fitness training as your career.

Fitness is a lucrative career and in today’s world can be termed as a sustainable business. The fitness bug has got on to everyone and there are numerous people who are making a bee-line to a trainer in the bid to get into shape.
Work Environment for fitness trainers

Fitness trainers are the ones who motivate and help you stay focused to achieve your goals of becoming fit and in shape. They train either a group or an individual and chalk out the regime based on age, lifestyle, fitness level and health. They help you get into a routine doing weights, aerobics and the various machines available in the gym. They also make you be able to push the envelope and reach better fitness levels. Their advices are valuable and they help you correct your posture and food intake. They bring about a change in your lifestyle if required. They assess the fitness level of clients and also help you to set fitness goals and demonstrate the various routines and guide you to do it the right way.

What to study to become a Fitness trainer?

A course as a fitness trainer is offered in various established institutions. You can opt for a certificate or diploma course. An accredited certificate or diploma course also qualifies you for higher education. You can opt for a diploma in sports science to become a fitness instructor. Kenningston and Chelsea college in London is one of the most popular colleges that offers a variety of sports, health and fitness related courses.

Career options for Fiteness trainers

There are fitness studios and gyms mushrooming everywhere and the industry is very populary and lucrative. You can opt to be an aerobic instructor or clinical expert specialist or gym instructor or personal trainer.

Entry Level for Fiteness trainers

A good physique and determination is what will take you a long way as a physical trainer. A trainer has to have a good knowledge of the human anatomy, diet, nutrition and other fitness related matter. You also have to be up to date with the latest techniques in fitness. You can start your career as an assistant instructor before you spread your wings as a personal instructor. The salary will start at Rs15,000/- but as you gain experience you can charge up to Rs 1000/- per hour for a client.

So get ready to spread the fitness magic.

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