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17 Aug 2015 537 2 mins Share

Games design and development courses: What to expect

Learn about Game Art, Development and Design. This is an expert interview by Mr. Ken Fee of University of Abertay, Dundee.

17 Aug 2015 537 2 mins Share
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Mr Ken Fee

Want to have an "expert view" on Game Development, Game Design and Game Art? Read on... Mr. Ken Fee who teaches Game Development, Game Design and Game Art at University of Abertay, Dundee discusses below the popularity of the subject among students, career options and funding opportunities.

Q. What course do you teach?

A. MProf  (Master of Professional Practice) in Games Development

Q. What are the main objectives of this course?

A. To give qualified undergraduates in game related disciplines the opportunity to develop and display their ability within a professional environment.

Q. Is this a popular course amongst Indian students? How many Indian students do you have on this course?

A. The course regularly attracts Indian students, who comprise about ten percent of the student cohort.

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Q. What qualities do you think students need in order to succeed on this course?

A. To have a good professional work ethic, understanding that the ability to communicate and work well with others is the key to professional success.

Q. What advice would you give to Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. As this is a European course, based primarily on European and Western game development models, make sure you are as familiar as possible with that area of the industry and the expectations it places on those employed in the sector.

Q. What career options are open to Indian graduates from this course?

A. The same as for any other graduate - India has a growing games and games outsource sector - but beyond that the Games Industry provides international opportunities for those who excel.

Q. Are there any companies that have recruited students who have completed this course?

A. In the game industry, graduates approach companies themselves as they are hired as individuals rather than in a mass market model of employment.  Most graduates to date have chosen to return home to India (which has been their plan from the outset), to establish their own companies or work for one of the expanding outsource companies.

Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

A. Students work on industry directed projects of escalating complexity and scope, in a custom built facility, with fellow students and mentors.
Every professional element such as responding to project briefs, communication, technical aptitude, presentation, peer review and public presentation of their games all act to rigorously prepare students for the professional world. As a Masters level course, graduates are ideally placed to continue and develop their studies into research.

Q. Any notable Indian alumni?

Not yet, but graduates from the programme as a whole are employed at top studios throughout the UK and Europe. Most recently, an Indian student was in advanced negotiations to join Rockstar North, makers of GTA.

Q. Are there any funding opportunities available for Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. Please visit University of  Abertay Dundee Scholarships page for information on scholarships.

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