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17 Aug 2015 6.3K 2 mins Share

Hotel Management - Career options and courses to study

Managing a hotel or similar enterprise requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields.

17 Aug 2015 6.3K 2 mins Share
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The term ‘hospitality’ has been derived from the French word ‘hospice’, which means to take care of travellers. The hospitality industry has evolved over the centuries and dates back to the late 1700s. The industry has faced numerous challenges since it first evolved and has progressed from the serving of travellers to delivering world class hospitality and tourism.

Managing a hotel or similar enterprise requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields. An education in Hospitality and Hotel Management equips students with skills to effectively manage different responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing.

Throughout the chosen programme, virtues such as discipline, punctuality, ethics and hygiene are encouraged as they are highly valued throughout the world and count as much as academic and practical skills in ensuring a successful career.

Most international hospitality and hotel management courses offer students an academic education, complemented by vocational core competency training such as internships or co-operative placements. This carries considerable value and prestige with global employers and is a beneficial point if you want to establish your own business. Several large hospitality corporations such as the Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt, and Walt Disney international Parks and Resorts offer internship programmes, management training opportunities and direct placements for Hospitality and Hotel Management students.

You can find world leading providers for hospitality and hotel management studies from countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia listed on Hotcourses India, along with their respective courses on offer. Most of these international courses focus on the management of hospitality operations including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centres, country clubs, and related industries.

In most study abroad destinations, Hospitality and Hotel Management curricula follow similar core subject applications to that of a business degree, concentrating on hospitality management. In addition, degree-specific coursework normally includes Restaurant Management, Lodging Operations, Global Tourism, Attractions Management, Event Management and Food Preparation. At times, students get to even study foreign languages, which is a definite plus point as it renders them attractive to the global employment market.

Once you’ve completed the chosen programme, perhaps a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, associate/bachelors degree or even an advanced/postgraduate diploma/Masters programme, there are myriad career opportunities available.  You can begin by working in departments such as the Front desk, Guest relations, Travel desk and Housekeeping, Sales and Marketing and graduate onto being a Duty Manager, General Manager, Human Resources (HR) Manager, Sous Chef, Front Office Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Food and Beverage Manager. It is not necessary that you confine yourself to hotels, resorts, restaurants and such – you could also pursue jobs in the airlines, hospitals and general industries.

Compensation varies from institution to institution depending on its size, type, market, brand. Remuneration in the hospitality and hotel management industry also differs depending upon the hotel and hospitality management institute that you pass out from, work experience, skills and ability to handle tough situations.

A career in hospitality opens up opportunities to earn a very good living in a dynamic work environment. If you consider the level of accommodation that companies provide for top managers or even the day-to-day perks which employees get for free, you will find that the salaries are very competitive. For example, a Food and Beverage Manager can earn an annual salary in excess of Rs. 1 million, while other posts such as Duty Managers can earn anywhere between 5-8 lakhs.

If there’s one rule of thumb that should apply to the hospitality industry’s work force, it’s this: Pleasant jobs call for pleasant people. If you want to work your way into management, you need to work hard, be a consummate professional in everything you do, treat everyone with respect, pay close attention to detail, maintain an excellent attitude, be flexible with your schedule and always willing to pitch in, and be patient.

At Hotcourses India, we are here to help you make sound and informed choices for pursuing an international education in hospitality and hotel management.


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