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Diya Paul
12 Aug 2015 2.3K 2 mins Share

Latest MBA Options Beyond Marketing, HR & Operations

The MBA in IT or Management Information Systems (MIS) is a recent addition to the bandwagon. IT graduates and software engineers can equip themselves with this qualification

12 Aug 2015 2.3K 2 mins Share
Diya Paul
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Most students pursue an MBA programme in popular fields such as finance, marketing and operations, but these are not the only specializations available. There are more areas in MBA studies offered for individuals related to various industries. By being knowledgeable about the various MBA options on offer, you will be in a better situation to choose the MBA elective that best suits your professional goals.

The innate insecurity in challenging established norms pushes most students to opt for the well-travelled MBA routes - finance, marketing or HR. Little do they realize that in this globalised world, skillsets and combinations of different skillsets are changing rapidly. One could easily find a requirement for a marketing expert, who will also need to have working knowledge of Information Systems, while also needing to play a part in recruitment. This clearly indicates that multiple skills are the order of the day; knowledge of the full range of options only makes it easier for students to pick that MBA specialisation that best fits their goals.

The MBA in IT or Management Information Systems (MIS) is a recent addition to the bandwagon. IT graduates and software engineers can equip themselves with this qualification, which is a prerequisite for senior positions such as Technical Systems Manager or System Analyst, or even further up the hierarchy such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (C IO).

MBA in Entrepreneurship is a unique and valuable qualification for those who aspire to establish their own businesses. Subjects covered include the discovery and evaluation of business opportunities, and development of strategies for creating new ventures.

A MBA specialization in Health Care Management prepares you for management positions in health care facilities, pharmaceuticals, insurance, care facilities for the elderly, and public health agencies.

An Acquisition specialization provides an introduction and overview of government contracting and its unique nature, demonstrating the differences between commercial and government contracting, with a concentration on the federal system. Current reforms in the acquisition field will be incorporated into the course and emerging controversies will be highlighted to provide students with an up-to-date view of the profession.

A Communication specialization prepares you for negotiations and functionalities at the highest level. Courses cover conflict resolution, labour relations, organizational behaviour, operations management, corporate communications, and power and negotiation. This is for students who aim to work in the media, advertising, journalism and public relations fields. A Public Administration specialization equips you with skills to communicate with those outside the community, handling everything from ad campaigns to public-relations crises, and implementing policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

MBA in International Business focuses on diversity and multicultural concerns in international business scenarios. Today, many businesses want to expand their reach in the international market. Thus, careers in international business are expected to grow at a faster rate. Banks, manufacturing firms and government agencies need qualified employees with an international business foundation.

For those that want to work in management roles in hotels, restaurants and the tourism sector, a Hospitality and Tourism MBA specialization equips you with the management techniques needed to rise to a senior position.

Learn about a different MBA programme called Executive MBA abroad. 

Given the quantum leap in industrial technology and the influence this has had in terms of delivery of products and services, logistics has become a vital component of the business process, both within a single firm and across different firms that make up the supply chain. An MBA in the field opens up job prospects with retailers, manufacturers and with firms purely into logistics services.

Niche specializations such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Wine Management, Sports Management and Luxury Brand Management available, prove to be totally innovative and will keep you ticking. Hotcourses India provides you with a list of leading education providers - from countries such as the UK, USA, Australia and Singapore - who offer some fantastic MBA courses.

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