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Antony Chacko
11 Jan 2016 2.4K 3 mins Share

All you need to know about marine engineering courses abroad

Marine Engineers are signed on for a contract duration, beyond which they are allowed to return home or take on other projects.

11 Jan 2016 2.4K 3 mins Share
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Marine Engineer

Career introduction

Nearly 3/4th of Earth is covered by water and this is reason enough for anyone to get curious about the Marine life and the world beyond. Marine engineering is an exciting field that is still unexplored but does draw its share of curious candidates. Compared to other fields, the amount of opportunities available is plenty and for someone who loves travelling, it is the ideal career path.  It could be research, or logistics, either ways the opportunities are plenty. Quite a load of business across the world takes place through the water ways, and therefore it provides the right atmosphere for someone to learn and go further in their career.   For International export –import, countries depend largely on steam liners, ships and other water vessels. Marine Engineering is infact the one basic profession with reference to ships and navigation.

Marine engineering is essentially a branch of Engineering where one studies about nautical architecture, and science. The term 'Marine Engineering' refers to the research study organized in the oceans and coastal regions that are connected with the sea. The courses deal with various nuances of construction and maintenance of all kinds of ships and other sailing vessels.

Work environment

Marine Engineers are signed on for a contract duration, beyond which they are allowed to return home or take on other projects. They need to be in the sea for a minimum duration to qualify for bigger and better projects. Most marine engineers seek out opportunities with logistics companies as the opportunity to travel is high and so is the money. They have complete responsibility of the ship's technical management and are expected to select the machinery, which could be steam turbine, gas turbines, diesel engines; and for the design of all the mechanical, fluid, electrical and control systems of the ship.

They are also members of a ship's crew who are given the responsibility of managing a team of marine technicians. The Marine engineer mainly deals with everything to do with the technical aspects of a ship.  With advancement in technology, the role of a marine engineer changes with every day, giving them more scope of work and opportunities.  They will have to sail on the ship for the duration, which means they need to be in good health and no sea sickness involved. They will also have to adapt to the lifestyle and culture of the ship, and make the most of the journey. Sometimes, marine engineers are allowed to bring their families along, but this is only for a short span of time or certain routes. It does become difficult being away from the family, which is why most marine engineers choose to spend time home when they have a few weeks off between projects.

What to study

There are several colleges and universities across the globe that offers courses in Ship & Boat Building, Marine, Offshore Engineering & Maintenance courses.  The Plymouth University in UK is ranked on top offering nearly 9 courses in these streams.  The Robert Gordon University and University of Aberdeen in UK are other colleges to consider.  If you are looking for programs down under, then the University of Tasmania and New South Wales are the best bet. Ireland with its National University and Cork Institute of technology also offers promising future to those seeking a career in marine engineering.  These colleges offer both under graduate and post graduate programs with campus placement opportunities across the globe.

Career opportunities

The three areas where one can seek a career in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering or Ocean Engineering.  When one receives an opportunity to work with an International company, they not only get to travel, but also to increase their income. Naval Architects is a position for anyone with creative genes, the ability to draw, and design a ship design. This starts with the hull forms, ship layout, power requirements, features, entire structure and stability. On the other hand Ocean Engineers study the ocean environment to understand and assess the ocean’s effects on the ships and marine vessels. They may be involved in the design and operations of stationary ocean platforms, and other forms of equipment used as well.

Entry requirements

A 4-year undergraduate degree in Marine Engineering is the basic educational qualification required to become a Marine Engineer. But there are postgraduate courses offered across colleges, that might demand work experience as well. So better to check with the university you are applying to before you submit your application forms.

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