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17 Aug 2015 540 2 mins Share

Why study hospitality management at Oxford Brookes University

The career options really are limitless in the hospitality and tourism sector. Through our sandwich year lots of students undertake work experience in the UK, as part of their Masters

17 Aug 2015 540 2 mins Share
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This is an interview by Dr. Judie Gannon - Tutor at Oxford Brookes University. In this interview he discusses about International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Career opportunities and much more...

Q. What course do you teach?

I teach across these three MSc programmes on our Contemporary Issues and Dissertation modules as well as leading the postgraduate programmes in the Oxford School of Hospitality Management

Q. What are the main objectives of this course?

These courses are all about developing your expertise in the hospitality and tourism industry. They each have a slightly different focus which means students can choose the programme, which best suits their experience in the industry and existing undergraduate education, providing the perfect platform for their career in this expanding and dynamic industry.

Q. Is this a popular course amongst Indian students? How many Indian students do you have on this course?

This course has been very popular with Indian students and we currently have three Indian students on the programme. We have many very successful Indian alumni in super roles within the industry.

Q. What qualities do you think students need in order to succeed on this course?

Our students will need a real passion for the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as curiosity for what makes a great hospitality and tourism business. A willingness to work with others from across the world in order to create great hospitality and tourism products and services is also key. 

Q. What advice would you give to Indian students who are applying to enroll?

Make sure you can identify when you have experienced great service for your interview and always grab the opportunity to talk to existing students. This is a super way of learning more about the teaching experience and personal development you will experience on our postgraduate programmes. 

Q. What career options are open to Indian graduates from this course?

The career options really are limitless in the hospitality and tourism sector. Through our sandwich year lots of students undertake work experience in the UK, as part of their Masters. This provides them with great experience on which to choose a career focus; travel consultant, front office manager, spa manager, food and beverage director, executive housekeeper, business consultant, academic.   

Q. Are there any companies that have recruited students who have completed this course?

IHG, Fairmount, Four Seasons, Marriottto name but a few.

Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

Throughout the programmes we focus on student’s development as individuals – supporting them in setting their own learning goals, reflecting on their progress and challenging them further.  We bring executives from the sector into the classroom on a regular basis to enhance knowledge and understanding, run careers sessions with employers in semester two, organize fieldtrips to hospitality and tourism venues and will offer students their own mentors as part of the Bacchus Mentoring scheme.  

Q. Any notable Indian alumni?

RishuRoshan - Operations Manager with IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) in the UK

MandiraShashtri - Principal consultant - SASYA Image Studio

TusharVaishnav-  Account Director Millennium &Copthorne hotels

Raksha Singh - Risk Manager, South West Asia Risk Management, IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) 

Madhur Jaffrey - the acclaimed actress and food writer recently received an honorary degree from the University - you can hear about how she views the School and its programmes here

Q. Are there any funding opportunities available for Indian students who are applying to enroll?

Every year Oxford Brookes University offers John Henry Brookes scholarships – for more information see

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