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Antony Chacko
17 Aug 2015 1K 2 mins Share

Multimedia design courses abroad: What to expect

Imagination, creativity and design are your strong points? Have you been trying to come out with various designs within your head?

17 Aug 2015 1K 2 mins Share
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Multimedia Designer

Imagination, creativity and design are your strong points? Have you been trying to come out with various designs within your head? It is time to make it your career. Take the road that will lead you to become a multimedia designer. Now-a-days every field requires presenting data through electronic devices. This is possible with the help of multimedia designers.  It is these designers who give life to ideas in the form of 3D animation, doodles, advertisements and games.

Work Environment

A multimedia designer has to be very creative and should be able to see the big picture. The designer should be able to communicate the idea to his team and should be in a position to give sketches for the others to follow. A multimedia designer can work in theatre and television too. All the laser shows that we witness are the handiwork of multimedia designers. They cannot be thinking within set patterns and need to get out of the box ideas in order to capture the attention of the audience. They are in charge of the final feel of the products so should be able to get the other elements in place. The designer should be definite with his plans but should be flexible in terms of creativity. It is a job that taxes the brain but is very lucrative.

What to Study

There are undergraduate degrees which help in specializing in multimedia design. University College of Northern Denmark and University of Creative Arts in UK are some of the best options for a course in Multimedia. In most of the foreign countries the course is named as Visual Communication. A designer should have a good understanding of software like illustrator, corel draw and photo shop which help in designing. It will be an added advantage if the designer has basic knowledge about programming languages like HTML, Java and CSS.

Career Opportunities

The electronic world is the industry that is climbing up the ladder every day and multimedia designers are very much in demand. There are opportunities in the film, television, advertising and IT industry. The field is very vast and it is upto the designer to choose an area of interest. The designers have to be accurate with their products as if they are careless the entire project can flop.

Entry Requirements

A multimedia designer can start with a package of $36,000. They are in demand so getting a placement will be quite easy as long as the creative quotient is high. Most of the designers even start their career as freelancers as and when they are pursuing their studies. A lucrative job with a creative side is what a multimedia designer can look forward to.

Image Credit: nokhoog_buchachon

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