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Antony Chacko
20 Jul 2015 4.3K 2 mins Share

Course options for those interested in a career in sales

People say that you have the gift of the gab and you are excellent in strategies, then you can blindly opt for a career in sales.

20 Jul 2015 4.3K 2 mins Share
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sales manager

People say that you have the gift of the gab and you are excellent in strategies, then you can blindly opt for a career in sales. A sales manager is the one who chalks out the entire plan and strategy for the company. He plans a program, draws territories and decides the direction which his team should head in. They set the goals and find ways to achieve them. It is the sales manager who keeps the team motivated in order to see results in terms of turnover.

Work Environment

A sales manager has a huge variable pay and the targets he sets and achieves is what pays him. If his performance is good and the team is well motivated the remuneration is quite high. Sales managers have to have a balance in providing guidance and direction and the way the manager drives the team to achieve the set goals. Sales managers should also be good in man management as they have to deal with the team primarily and drive the message to them in order to reach the correct target. Sales managers should never lose sight of the big picture as it is the larger plan of the company that their targets should be in line with. Communications plays a major role for a sales manager as it helps the manager to explain clearly to the team about the ideas that are planned to move forward. A sales manager should also be in a state to understand the reality and not try to push the team beyond limits as this will dampen the morale of the people. The ability to think and plan on the go is very essential and problem spotting and solving should be done at a fast pace in order to get results.

What to study

An MBA degree from University of Newcastle, Australia or an M.Sc degree in marketing from West London College, UK will help you acquire the skills and education needed to obtain the job of a sales manager.

Career Opportunities

Sales professionals are needed in every field right from advertising to finance. The opportunities are plenty and this is one field where you can learn on the job when you join as an executive. Opportunities are also available in IT, pharmaceuticals, products, television and films. The size of business can vary from mid to large scale but the requirements of sales professionals have become mandatory.

Entry Requirements

The entry level salary can vary from $9000 to $12000 and most of the companies work on commission basis depending on the field/ sector which the sales manager is working for. In order to become a sales manager one should have a good track record in sales and in achieving targets. Market knowledge plays a key role. If the sector is of specialization like IT, then a degree with relevance will help you have the upper hand.

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