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29 Aug 2017 2.3K 3 mins Share

Masters in Data Science or Computer Science abroad: which is better?

Should I study masters in Computer Science or Data Science abroad? Which one would be ideal for my career? How do I select the right course for me?

29 Aug 2017 2.3K 3 mins Share
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study an ms in data science or computer science

Article highlights:

  • Who should study data science?
  • Where to study data science?
  • Where can you work with a data science degree?
  • Who should study computer science?
  • Where to study computer science?

Given a choice between masters in Data Science or Computer Science, which one would you choose?

Rob Hyndman, an Australian statistician once said:

‘Data scientists have tended to come from two different disciplines, computer science and statistics, but the best data science involves both disciplines. One of the dangers is statisticians not picking up on some of the new ideas that are coming out of machine learning, or computer scientists just not knowing enough classical statistics to know the pitfall’.

Data Science is considered to be a mix-and-match of skills and knowledge. The field data science deals with analysing data to extract information, and it has been sometimes referred to as data mining. So if you choose data science, you’ll be gaining hands-on approach to solve some analytical problems.

Some students might get confused between data science, big data and data analytics. Though the definitions sound similar, each field is unique. You’ll have to do that part of homework to find out which course suits your career needs.

Who should study data science?

A: A person who wants to be a data scientist. Simply put, if you are keen about dealing with various forms of data and love to extract and explore information obtained from data and can add value to the field you’re working in, then studying data science is the right choice that you’ve made.

Where to study data science?

  1. Plymouth University, UK
  2. Swansea University, UK
  3. Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  4. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Malaysia
  5. University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
  6. The University of Queensland, Australia
  7. Charles Darwin University, Australia
  8. University of South Australia, Australia
  9. RMIT, Australia

Where can you work with a data science degree?

A data scientist’s role is to work between the IT and business worlds, deciphering large chunks of data, analysing problems, gaining a deeper insight into what the data signifies and devising business strategies. So a graduate with a data science degree can work as business intelligence analyst, data mining engineer, data architect or data scientist. We’re living in a digital age and we’re controlled by data in our everyday lives. Hence, finding a job with a data science degree won’t be a herculean task.

Some companies use data to forecast company growth or find trends that will drive business. Data science is a field that can foresee the future of a business and derive ways to enhance the business potential.

According to Forbes, an average of 2,900 unique job postings were available for data scientists each month in 2016. According to a McKinsey Global Institute study, it’s predicted that by 2018, there will be almost 200,000 open positions in the field.

The top data science skills that companies look for in their employees –

  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • R-programming language
  • Java
  • SQL

Companies that hire data science graduates –

Accenture Bloomberg IBM
American express Facebook Paypal
Amazon Google Twitter

Do you know that Glassdoor has ranked data science as the #1 job? The average salary for data scientists is $120,000 per year.

Who should study computer science?

A: A person who loves computers and everything related to them. Precisely, if someone’s core interest is to deal with the software and hardware and all the core concepts of computer science, he/she should go for a computer science or a related degree.

If your ultimate aim is to specialise in computer science then you should be more focused. But if you want to switch over to some other areas in your masters or research, you can choose a number of alternatives to computer science degree abroad.

Top US universities to study computer science courses.

According to the Complete University Guide, graduates in computer science earn an average salary of £23,144 per year. And systems developers in senior management roles earn between £45,000 and £70,000 a year [].

Where to study computer science?

  1. Bangor University, UK
  2. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, USA
  3. Aston University, Birmingham, UK
  4. Keele University, UK
  5. Kaplan Higher Education Academy, Singapore
  6. University of South Wales, UK
  7. Bath Spa University, UK
  8. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  9. Anglia Ruskin University, UK


So which is better? a data science or computer science degree abroad? The answer lies with 'you'. If you feel you're a computer nerd and want to do big things with computers for the rest of your life, then data science might be a complete 'no'. why don't you ask our counsellors? You can either call us or chat with us. Our counsellors will be able to tell you which course will meet your career needs. 

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