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The Seven Quirkiest Classes International Universities Are Offering

Here are some fun and quirky courses that you can look to study abroad.

| 04 Feb 2015 | Updated on 12 Aug 2015 | 84 Views

Pitzer College, USA, offers “Learning from YouTube” class. Professor Alexandra Juhasz tells us that this class is a pedagogic experiment focusing on the potentials and limits of digital media culture.

Would you believe your ears if we were to tell you that you could take up a class that required just watching YouTube or earn your college credit by learning about Lady Gaga’s rise to fame? Sounds like a breeze doesn’t it? Read on for full-fledged details.

Your Top Seven! 
Topping the bizarre list, here are seven courses that stand apart refreshingly from the mundanely usual academic courses. 

The YouTube Class!
Did you know that YouTube receives more than one billion unique visits EVERY month? To top that off- more than six billion hours are watched on a monthly basis and every minute- 100 hours of video are uploaded to it!  Not just this- it is also now being used as a learning platform; Pitzer College, based in the USA, offers the “Learning from YouTube” class. Professor Alexandra Juhasz of the College tells us that this class is a “pedagogic experiment focusing on the potentials and limits of digital-media culture.”  It is open to public and illustrates the site’s user ship.  As can be expected- all assignments, discussion, and class work must be done on YouTube! Even the syllabus, related documents, and class meetings are put up via the video-sharing website.

To the Town of Springfield & Beyond!
Never thought you’d live to see the day that you’d be studying “Simpsons and Philosophy” as a college class-did you? Well – leave it to the University of California to turn a 20 year-hit animated comedy TV series into a class that delves into intellectual and political material. In true Homer style- our reaction was- d’oh! We have been told that this two-unit course is a “fairly rigorous” one that asks deep questions like, “"Can Nietzsche’s rejection of traditional morality justify Bart’s bad behavior?"  Can it? What do you think?

Physics at a New Dimension!
For a long time now- the Science world has been looking for a magical formula to transform Physics into something more fun and exciting!  And voila- the University of California at Irvine swoops in with its “Science of Superheroes” class to banish away boredom from the subject area for good! We are serious - the class actually takes students through the science behind our all time favourite characters such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman. So while studying Spiderman, you’d explore the “physics of flying and fluid dynamics” along with “the nature of (his) ‘spidey sense’”! Or for Wonder Woman, you would examine the mechanics of her invisible jet! Super, right? 

Mother Monster Lives for the Applause!
A big Lady Gaga fan? Michael Deflem, a sociology professor from the University of South Carolina, however wasn’t one until he saw the pop diva’s appearance on the world-famous American late-night talk show, “Tonight” last January. Ever since then he has been hooked and has attended 38 of her shows around the world and gone into a CD-collecting spree to own more than 300 of the international pop star’s CDs!  He has also launched his very own fan site for her and it doesn’t stop with just that.     Deflem has introduced a college course to study her, “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame’! This course takes students through aspects of fame and what such popularity translates to in society today through a closer look at Gaga’s life-from a sociological point of view.  

Health Is Wealth!
What is health really? The Online Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as “the condition of being well or free from disease”. As simple as it may sound, given our current sedentary life-style, staying fit has become more and more of an impossible challenge. Obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney problems, and many more such conditions hinder us from enjoying life to the fullest.

Professor Jacqueline Johnson from George Washington University comes to the rescue with his course, “Fat Studies”. As the name suggests, it teaches students weight awareness and of acceptance of various healthy body shapes and sizes. These kind of courses are being introduced in international college campuses and getting more popular by the day!

Want to do your bit to make our planet a cleaner place? Learn how- Santa Clara University recently introduced the Joy of Garbage course! This course deals with the consequences of materials we consume and discard.  Students of the program learn methods of treating, burning, dumping, recycling or reusing disposal. They will be taken on field trips to sanitation plants and will be taught how to handle modern waste problems. The Garbage course investigates reasons to many pressing issues like why many a times, landfills are located in slums and poor localities, causing pollution. 

Underwater Weaving! 
Weaving and underwater? Sounds like a crazy combination doesn’t it? Underwater Basket Weaving courses are currently being offered at many colleges as an elective – and no – you don’t have to dive to the bottom of your campus swimming pool to weave! Reed College of Portland in Oregon and the University of California in San Diego, offering this study option, show students how to create baskets through the dipping of reeds into water (allowing them to soak). 

There it is folks - seven weirdest college programs being offered by international universities! Have any comments or feedback about the topic? Why not drop us a line below and let us know- we would love to hear from you. 

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