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Neil Brandenberger
13 Aug 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share

The Top 5 Career Paths Chosen by MBA Graduates

An MBA opens up a world of possibilities. From working for leading management firms to nurturing start-ups there are lots of opportunities.

13 Aug 2015 1.4K 2 mins Share
Neil Brandenberger
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Those who earn an MBA degree have invested a tremendous amount of time, money and work into achieving this level of education. It is a very versatile degree that offers the holder a wide range of potential career options. These are five of the most popular choices for today’s MBA graduates.

Corporate Communications Officer

Every company needs someone to manage their image to the public as well as to their employees. A corporate communications officer is a public relations specialist. It is the job of the corporation's communications officer to deal with the media in both good times and bad, in positive and negative situations. These officers are also responsible for creating and implementing public relations programs. These programs are designed to promote a company's brand or product to ensure that their customers have a favorable impression of the business.

Investment Banking

One of the most popular career path among those who have earned an MBA seems to be investment banking. It is a job that requires significant interpersonal and communication skills as well as business knowledge, thus ensuring that the investment bankers can provide information for customers on the best products to meet their investment goals. The investment firms and banks they work for will also require the MBA graduates to be able to provide informed advice on acquisitions, capital generation and similar areas as necessary. This is an intellectually stimulating career that requires a high level of dedication to learning about the financial industry.

Health Care Administrator

The duties associated with being a health care administrator will vary depending upon the size of the medical facility where the administrator works. A person with an MBA will usually work as either a specialist or a generalist. The generalist will work in all aspects of planning, managing and supervising the daily functions of the health care institution and its staff. The person working in the specialist capacity will be involved in the many different aspects of management of the medical institution itself.

Management Consultant

Effective management of any business will often determine its success or failure. MBA graduates who choose this career path learn how to deal with any and all issues related to management. It is up to them to identify potential current or future problems within the business and then resolve them as quickly as possible. They will also be a part of the decision making process that, ideally, will keep a company profitable and growing. In some cases, they might also be responsible for making the plans associated with corporate restructuring as well as analyzing the market and handling a business's cash management.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Finally, a Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, is responsible for the proper management of a business's financial operation and accounting. It is the CFO who manages a business's past, present and future financial situation. He or she must identify which areas of a business are efficient and which need to be changed. A CFO will keep track of a business's capital structure and decide what levels of equity, debt and internal financing are acceptable. 
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