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Duration of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Singapore

The article takes us through the general duration of degree programs in Singapore for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Here we have a look at how long undergraduate and postgraduate degrees run in Singapore. Priyanka Saxena, from EGE Global, takes us through the general duration of degree programs and tells us that the time span of programs is very much similar to that of Indian standards back home. 
Undergraduate programs in Singapore generally take up three to four years. There are a few private universities that fast track degree programs and lets students complete their degree programs in two years but those kind of degrees don’t have the same weightage as three of four year degree programs. She recommends that students should ideally go for three-four year programs instead, which is best suited for industry standards. 
Typically master’s programs in Singapore last for around one and a half to two years. Many Singapore universities offer programs affiliated to UK or Australian Universities, such as James Cook University or Curtin University campuses in Singapore. In Australia, master’s programs are generally one and a half to year degree programs and Singapore follows this trend. Priyanka tells us that Singapore universities have minimum one year as the duration of their postgraduate programs.
When asked if Indian students prefer Singapore as their study destination for their UG or PG programs, Priyanka says it’s a mixed crowd. Undergraduate students, who fall under heavy influence of their parents, mostly tend to pick universities like NTU or NUS. Whereas, postgraduate students seem to be free about their university for study for their masters and tend to pick institutions like MDIS and James Cook University. For masters in engineering, students seem to show interest in NTU, as it is considered to have high academic standing in the field of engineering and strong research areas post degree completion. 

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