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World’s Top Entrepreneurs: Where Did They Study?

Have a passion to become an entrepreneur? Want to know where the world’s top entrepreneurs studied?

| 06 Dec 2016 | 162 Views
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World’s Top Entrepreneurs: Where Did They Study?

Entrepreneurs believe in evolving their business following novel tactics.

Some people are born to be leaders whereas some become leaders to give a meaning to their life. The profession of an entrepreneur is no less than any other job roles because people who follow this profession have an inherent passion for their work and constantly work towards the forces to make their dreams come true. 

The word entrepreneurship denotes the process of inventing and successfully running a business which begins as a start-up or spin-off and gradually grows in size, with the main goal of offering and promoting services or products that generate profits and benefit a wider population.

Well, not everyone is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who had tremendous faith in their dreams and aspired to dream bigger with age. They brought a huge transformation in the entrepreneurial sector and went on to inspire many hearts like YOURS. 

This time we’ll talk about some of the well-known entrepreneurs (who are no less than others) and about their education. Take a look:

1.    Andrew Mason 

  • Founder of Groupon.
  • Studied at the Northwestern University.
  • Earned bachelors in Music.

2.    Arianna Huffington

  • Founder of the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper Huffington Post which is now owned by AOL.  In 2009, she was considered to be in the top 12 in Forbes’s ‘Most Influential Women in Medal List’.
  • Studied at the University of Cambridge.
  • Earned a degree in Economics.

3.    Brian Chesky

  • The CEO of Airbnb (founded with Joe Gebbia), which marks a revolution in the accommodation sector, generating a net profit of $3.3 Billion. 
  • Studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.

4.    Brian Acton

  • Co-founder of the daily messaging app (yes, you are right!) – WhatsApp.
  • Studied at the Stanford University.
  • Earned bachelors in Computer Science.

5.    Bob Parsons

  • Founder of GoDaddy.
  • Studied at the University of Baltimore.
  • Earned bachelors in Accounting.

6.    Chad Hurley

  • Co-founder of the YouTube, which was sold to Google Inc. for $1.65 billion in 2006.
  • Studied at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • Earned bachelors in Fine Arts.

7.    Craig Newmark

  • Founder of Craigslist.
  • Studied at the Case Western Reserve University.
  • Earned bachelors & masters in Computer Science.

8.    Frederick W. Smith

  • Founder of FedEx.
  • Studied at the Yale University.
  • Earned bachelors in Economics.

9.    Gordon Moore

  • Founder of Intel.
  • Studied at the University of California – Berkeley and California Institute of Technology.
  • Earned bachelors & PhD in Chemistry.

10.    Jeff Bezoz

  • Founder of Amazon−the world’s largest retailer.
  • Studied at the Princeton University.
  • Earned two bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

11.    John Schnatter

  • Founder of Papa John’s.
  • Studied at the Ball State University.
  • Earned bachelors in Business.

12.    Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

  • The Queen of Biotech Industry.
  • Founder of Biocon−Asia’s largest Insulin producer.
  • Earned bachelors in Zoology from Bangalore University and masters in Malting and Brewing from Federation University.

13.    Larry Page

  • Co-founder of Google.
  • Studied at the University of Michigan and Stanford University.
  • Earned bachelors in Computer Engineering and masters in Computer Science.

14.    Martha Stewart

  • Founder of the media and merchandising company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
  • Studied at the Bernard College.
  • Earned bachelors in History and Architectural History.

15.    Oprah Gail Winfrey

  • Founder of Harpo Productions.
  • Studied at the Tennessee State University.
  • Earned bachelors in Communication.

16.    Phil Knight

  • Co-founder of Nike.
  • Studied at the University of Oregon and Stanford University.
  • Earned bachelors in Journalism and masters in Business Administration.

17.    Pierre Omidyar

  • Founder of eBay.
  • Studied at the Tufts University.
  • Earned bachelors in Computer Science.

18.    Reed Hastings

  • Co-founder of Netflix.
  • Studied at the Bowdoin College and Stanford University.
  • Earned bachelors in Mathematics and masters in Computer Science.

19.    Sergey Brin

  • Co-founder of Google.
  • Studied at the University of Maryland and Stanford University.
  • Earned bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science and masters in Computer Science.

Below are the universities where you can apply for your bachelors or masters in Entrepreneurship:

•    Where to apply for an UG in Entrepreneurship?

1.    University of North Alabama
2.    DeVry University
3.    University of Northampton
4.    Northumbria University
5.    PSB Academy
6.    University of New South Wales
7.    Curtin University

•    Where to apply for a PG in Entrepreneurship?

1.    The University of Sydney
2.    Goldsmiths, University of London
3.    Bath Spa University
4.    University of Toledo
5.    Queen’s University Belfast

Post-independence, there has been a potential growth in the number of start-up companies across the world.  In India, almost every city gives birth to hundreds of entrepreneurs each year. If you believe that you have the required skills to carve out a niche for yourself as a leader (though the definition varies!) and have creative energies which could be directed towards generating a stable business, then entrepreneurship is your cup of tea!
To know more about entrepreneurship courses abroad, you need to consult our advisors who will help you select the universities that match your academic profile.

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