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Incredible Places to Study Abroad in Fall 2017!

Revealed: We give away a list of options to choose from to study in fall 2017. Have you already made a decision? You can still find out if our suggestions are in line with your choice(s) or not.

Doodle Nandi | 20 Feb 2017 | 301 Views
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Best places to study abroad in fall 2017

What are the most popular study destinations abroad to study in Fall 2017?

The countries that we talk about in this article are the best places to study abroad in fall 2017. You might be having many options juxtaposed in your mind that are making you think hard which could be the best option for your career. 

Find out if the below options are in line with what you have been thinking about for a while:


It is not just the land of Kangaroos, but a home to a large population of weird wildlife – poisonous snakes, box jellyfish, salt water crocodiles, marsupials like koala and egg-laying mammals like the platypus, etc. Apart from the life of the wild, the country is inhabited by lives of people from all over the world.

Many Indian students choose Australia for their higher education over other countries due to many reasons – affordable institutions to study, a wide number of options to choose from, comparatively lesser cost of living, etc.

Suggested universities:

The Western Sydney university, Charles Darwin University, University of South Australia, Monash University, University of New South Wales and University of Southern Queensland.

Do you remember the list of top Australian Universities that we suggested you earlier? You may also want to know about the cost of studying in Australia?


Under the Prime Minister (23rd) Justin Trudeau’s administration, many people are moving to Canada either for education, job or to eke out a living. He has always been welcoming people across the world, and not only Canada but also almost the entire world is in love with this man.

You must have heard from us the plenty of reasons to study in Canada, and I’m sure you are aware of the recent changes in Canada’s immigration policies. All this put together, you are sure to prioritise the maple leaf country as your top study abroad destination for fall 2017 (Or have you already done that?).

Suggested universities:

The Western University (Ontario) and Cape Breton University.

New Zealand

The discovery of New Zealand dates back to 700 years when the Polynesians settled in the country and developed a separate culture called ‘Maori’. Since then Maori has remained an official language of New Zealand, along with English as the lingua franca. The land of kiwis (indigenous people of New Zealand), the country is famous for its wildlife, the Ninety-mile beach, Kiwi fruit, its mountains and the mountaineer and explorer, Sir Edmund Hillary.  

Suggested universities:

The Unitec Institute of Technology, Air New Zealand Aviation Institute, The University of Waikato and Victoria University of Wellington.

You must be wondering how to select universities and colleges for your higher studies in New Zealand and would want to get a list of universities in NZ where most Indian students study.

The Netherlands

Tulips, windmills, cycling routes – the Netherlands is a must for an expedition, be it while studying abroad or just a sojourn. Learn why you should study in the Netherlands.

One of the progressive cities, Amsterdam is the main attraction and hotspot, throbbing with art, architecture, canal cruise, different cuisines, independent shopping streets, park life, local flavour and of course the house of Anne Frank (where she and her family hid from the Nazis).

Suggested universities:

The University of Groningen, Leiden University College the Hague, Tio University of Applied Sciences.


Famous for its free-education system for undergraduate students (even for internationals), Germany has maintained its mark amongst the top-ranking study abroad destinations. Known for its automobile industries, unusual laws (like naming babies), inventions and discoveries, high-level employment opportunities, Oktoberfest, its climate and energy policies, and many more, Germany attracts a large number of Indian students every year.

Suggested universities:

The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef – Bonn, the University of Leipzig, International Academy of Students, University of Konstanz, University of Wurzburg and University of Heidelberg.

Learn what you need to ask when planning to study in Germany, and you can also check the article on study bachelors in engineering at German varsities.


Ireland has slowly emerged as a hot study destination – due to its impeccable beauty and history and of course a plethora of inventions and discoveries. Ireland has become a hub of major companies, especially Dublin which is a famous start-up hub in the world. Almost 25% of Europe’s computers are made in Ireland now, along with huge investments received from American hi-tech companies.

Suggested universities:

The University College Cork, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Business School.

Do you know?

The concept of drinking chocolate originated in Ireland during the 18th century.


The very name 'France' sends a different sensation to the brain – the place that values the love of literature, culture, writers, poets, fashion, food and wine – a class apart!

Home to those who created beauty using their imagination – Guy de Maupassant, Simone de Beauvoir, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo and Albert Camus – France should be in the list of every international student, irrespective of where they get to study. A big Merci go to those prominent figures that have instilled heart and soul in their masterpieces.

Suggested universities:

The SKEMA Business School and IPAG Business School.


The immaculate beauty – Poland is an emerging top study abroad destination amongst Indian students. Home of the scientist Marie Curie, this pristine beauty is indeed a traveller’s paradise.  


Poland has fought wars 43 times from 1600 to 1945.

Suggested universities:

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017, the top Universities in Poland for international students are:

  1. University of Warsaw
  2. Warsaw University of Technology
  3. AGH University of Science & Technology
  4. Jagiellonian University
  5. Adam Mickiewicz University


Hungary is a fascinating country that was established around 897 - one of the oldest countries in Europe. It is a land-locked country, which is famous for not only its thermal springs but also for its massive inventions and discoveries in modern science. Budapest, the capital city, is a major tourist attraction with a lot in its lap to offer you.

Suggested Universities:

The University of Debrecen, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and University of Szeged.

Apart from the above options, there could be a few more that may interest you – we’ll leave that on you to decide! The above list has been compiled based on what we have seen over the last few years. We have excluded the USA from the list, keeping in mind recent changes under Trump’s administration, but it does not imply that it is a never-ending chaos. The situation will improve since people value education and no country can cordon off people from other countries unnecessarily. Talk to our advisors to know more on the current scenario abroad and where you can study. 

Confused about which country you should study abroad in?

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