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Antony Chacko
06 Aug 2015 171 1 min Share

Earning a business degree in Australia

Masters in Business Administration is most sought by students as there is lot of demand. If you are planning to do an MBA degree in Australia it is tough to choose from a wide array of universities.

06 Aug 2015 171 1 min Share
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Business schools in Australia have developed a wide range of courses spanning across art, business, management, finance, languages, commerce, finance and marketing. Apart from these, there are specific courses in management such as health, media and sports. For those who are keen on pursuing an MBA, there are quite a few colleges offering them.

Australia has infact become one of much sought after places by students from other parts of the world. Thanks to the extensive courses, the rankings of the colleges and of course the location are all factors in influencing decisions. A few advanced studies options are offered in some colleges. There are a few colleges that offer long distance MBA programs as well. In keeping with the times, some colleges offer extensive courses in Information Technology that can be combined with another basic course or taken on as a major.

Each college adopts a different teaching approach to ensure students enjoy the benefits of their faculties. Some of the classes are interactive, while others require the students to undergo training or complete a project on the specific area. There are case studies, presentations, group projects and strategy based games which also allow the students to think outside the box and gain better insight into the subjects.

When studying in a country like Australia, students not only get good education, but are widening their horizon and prospects. The foreign student’s open doors to good companies willing to hire them, gain industry exposure in a different country, learn about world business and management. Sometimes, students opt for Foreign exchange trading, or international marketing programs that are different and give them an edge over others.

Unlike India, the foreign countries allow students to mix and match subjects, depending on their interest levels. This therefore works to the advantage of the students as they are given more scope for learning and the opportunity to learn more than just a pre set few subjects.

When you are looking at Business schools in Australia, you should consider applying and gaining admission into one of the reputed colleges. You can apply to the International College of Management, Sydney or maybe the University of Newcastle (Gradschool). Another option would be to seek admission in the University of Adelaide, or better yet in Queensland University of Technology. Catering technology or Management courses are good at Monash University and University of New South Wales as well. Take a call depending on your preferences and other factors.

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