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Antony Chacko
29 Jan 2015 62 2 mins Share

European Universities are the flavour of the season

With the whole world coming closer, it is not surprising that colleges across Europe are picking up and the Universities gaining popularity among Indian students.

29 Jan 2015 62 2 mins Share
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Sometimes there is a sudden change in the wind, similarly in the education arena too there is a recent change of events. Students who used to line up for admissions across universities in USA and UK are now looking at the European union. They are seeking admission in colleges across Europe for various reasons.  There is the economic factor that is to be considered, with the Indian Rupee value against the dollar, but apart from this the students have realised that EU also offers good opportunities and their education system is almost exactly the same as what is offered in other parts of the world.

With the whole world coming closer, it is not surprising that colleges across Europe are picking up and the Universities gaining popularity among foreign students.

Factors such as unpredictable global economy, Visa processing and fee structure are driving students towards these EU countries and away from the more popular USA and UK. There are several universities across Europe that offer high quality education for lower costs. Also, the process of applying and obtaining Visa to these countries is far easier and less complicated. The level of uncertainty is much less, which gives students the freedom to plan their academic journey.

Across Europe there are several countries one can look at for higher education. Paris, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria are some of the countries offering not only good programs, but comfortable standard of living as well. The countries are safe, they welcome foreign students, there are a multitude of courses available and of course the culture & food also makes it easy.  If a student desires, they can take subjects from several programs, and even switch universities without worrying about grades and credits.

Earlier the education system in EU used to be completely on the other extreme when compared to USA and UK, but recently the Bolonga process was established which has brought in standardization. Students who join colleges in this part of the world get the opportunity to enjoy a diverse culture, feast on delightful cuisine, learn new languages and art forms which enhances their life. It is far more fun here than in UK or USA. The rich history and heritage is imbibed in the educational system as well, making it a complete rounded system of education.

To obtain admission to colleges in EU requires the applicant to have completed Standard XII or the equivalent in the Indian boards.  Very few ask for an A level grades or IB scores to qualify for admission in the college. Such colleges are the London School of Economics and the Oxford University.  In case of post graduate program, the applicant should have completed a 3 year under graduate course.

Students who land in EU are given ample opportunity to work, and allotted a set number of hours which they can spend working during the week. One can apply for a job and if they secure one, will become eligible for a work visa. The only catch being the local language though most students pick up during their program.  

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