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Antony Chacko
17 Aug 2015 203 1 min Share

International Business Studies in Australia

International Business Courses in Australia - Get the knack of how to put yourself ahead in business.

17 Aug 2015 203 1 min Share
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If you are looking to pursue a course in business administration abroad, it’s worth considering a specialisation in international business in Australia. With more employers looking for candidates with a global understanding of business, international business studies are fast becoming an ideal choice of subject among Indian students.

Why study international business?

With the increased globalisation of business activity, it is important for you to understand the impact of foreign direct investment and how multinational enterprises work. Besides, students enjoy increased job prospects, as they get to work with a mixed cultural group while at college.

Most importantly, the study of International Business teaches students to think in the business context of another trading nation. A wide range of international options are available for study, including Global Environment Management, International Marketing and Global Information Technology.

Course curriculum

Though the specific curriculum varies with each university, most postgraduate programmes in International Business offer students a grounding in fundamental business areas such as accounting, finance, organisational behaviour, economics, marketing and management. Apart from this, students will acquire relevant analytical skills to examine the forces that shape the changing of international business environments and operations, at both the macroeconomic and firm levels.

Courses offered by most Australian universities use a range of stimulating approaches to engage students, including: lectures, interactive tutorials, discussions, student presentations, case studies, individual and group projects, and business strategy games.

Career opportunities

International business skills are in high demand. Graduates can find plenty of career opportunities:
     •    export and import management
     •    consulting
     •    international licensing
     •    business policy
     •    joint venture management
     •    foreign exchange trading
     •    international marketing
     •    hospitality and tourism management
     •    journalist
     •    market researcher
     •    international government and trade policy adviser
     •    international trade or business analyst

Universities to choose from

Many leading universities in Australia offer accredited master’s programmes in international business.  Most of the programmes include industry placement or the completion of a real-time project as a way of introducing students to the types of situations they may experience when they enter or re-enter the workforce.

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