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Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


17 Aug 2015 503 Book icon 3 mins Share

Liverpool - The City of the Beatles

Liverpool traces its history back to the 1st century AD when a village grew on the banks of the river Mersey. By the 12th century ‘Liuerpul’ was a thriving fishing settlement

17 Aug 2015 503 Book icon 3 mins Share
Mahesh Ramani

Mahesh Ramani is a senior content editor for the Hotcourses India- an IDP company.


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Liverpool - The City of the Beatles

Liverpool - an introduction:

Liverpool traces its history back to the 1st century AD when a village grew on the banks of the river Mersey. By the 12th century ‘Liuerpul’ was a thriving fishing settlement and settlers from the rest of the land had made Liverpool their home. Actual growth and development of Liverpool as a place of prominence started in the 18th century, with trade flourishing with the West Indies. The first wet dock in Britain was built in Liverpool in 1715. Liverpool became one of the most important ports of the British Empire with close to 40 per cent of revenue to the Crown being generated through its docks. In 1880, Liverpool was granted city status and since then there has been no looking back as Liverpool has grown into the thriving metropolis that it is today.

Liverpool - today:

Liverpool is a bustling metropolis no lesser than London. It has a number of museums, theatres and galleries and offers a mix of cultural heritage and modern discotheques and nightclubs. The Liverpool City Centre is dominated by the magnificent St. George’s Hall; the hall was opened to the public in 1854 and is a popular tourist attraction. The city is passionate about its music - the Beatles, the Everton and Liverpool football clubs that play in the English Premiership League and the Grand National Steeplechase (a horse-racing event). 

The Beatles:

If ‘rock and roll’ was a religion then the Beatles would be the undisputed Gods of rock and roll. The Beatles were a cultural phenomenon in the sixties and seventies when ‘Beatlemania’ swept the world off its feet. The Beatles were a music band comprising John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. It was at the Cavern Club that the Beatles first started playing together as a band between February 1961 and August 1963 the group played nearly 300 shows at the club. The music that the group produced was a symbol of the ‘swinging sixties’ - the youth were disillusioned, the prospect of nuclear war, recession, loss of innocence and faith, love and failure - all these themes resonated in the music of the Beatles.
Some of the most popular songs of the Beatles also known as the ‘Fab Four’ are:
• I want to hold your hand!
• Hey Jude
• She loves you
When at Liverpool you can go on a Beatle Tour - that includes trips to the new Cavern Club, which recreates the aura of the original Cavern Club, the Beatles Shop and the Matthew Street Gallery. 

Liverpool as an educational hub:

There are three primary universities, which are based out of Liverpool:
• University of Liverpool
• Liverpool John Moores University
• Liverpool Hope University
University of Liverpool was established in 1881; the University stands at the forefront of brilliance in academics and research. The University is ranked among the top 24 research-led universities in the UK and has students from over 100 countries studying in over 70 different core subject categories.
Liverpool John Moores University traces its origins to the Liverpool Mechanics' School of Arts, which was established in 1825. This developed into the Liverpool Polytechnic and in 1992, the Polytechnic was granted University status thus being rechristened as Liverpool John Moores University. The University comprises five faculties covering -Arts, Professional and Social Studies; Education, Community and Leisure; Health and Applied Social Sciences; Science; Technology and Environment.
Liverpool Hope University has a rich educational heritage of over 168 years and is the only ecumenical university foundation in Europe.  The University has two campuses one in Hope Park and the other in the Liverpool city centre. The University places great emphasis on the bringing together of research excellence and top-quality teaching and is a thriving community of academicians and scholars of the highest calibre.

UK student visa:

To apply for a student visa you need to submit the following documents:
• Copy of your passport
• Offer-letter from the institution in the UK 
• Proof of financial capacity
• Copies of educational certificates
• Health certificates from a registered medical practitioner
In most cases the institution to which you have applied will help you in obtaining your student visa.
Click here for more information on visa procedures. 
Life in Liverpool:
As an international student in Liverpool; you will have an exciting time. Liverpool itself has a variety of sights and sounds to keep you occupied in your leisure time. Those willing to travel and explore have the whole of London and the rest of the United Kingdom to visit.
On-campus accommodation at the University is the best option for students as it mostly comes with meal coupons at the University cafeteria and is a safe and secure option as well. Those wishing to stay off-campus in private accommodation can choose from home-stays and apartments. Accommodation costs vary from GBP 150 to GBP 400 based on the location and facilities on offer.
Part-time jobs:
As an international student you can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week in term time and up to 40 hours during vacations, provided that the stamp in your passport does not include a prohibition on working. 
Liverpool has some of the best Asian restaurants in the UK; be it paneer masala or sushi; you will find something matching your taste and budget with ease. Usually there are weekly and monthly markets where farmers stock and sell fresh fruits, vegetables and butter and cheese. If one is willing to learn to cook and experiment; one can save a tidy sum on food expenses. Local bread and cheese, fish and chips, sticky toffee and ginger ale are extremely popular.
The Beatles Forever:
Studying in the UK is a fascinating experience and if you are passionate about the music produced by the Beatles then nothing beats studying at an institution in Liverpool! Come apply to study in Liverpool today and may the music of the Beatles live on forever!
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